LA Eatery Helps Moms Conquer Dinner Plans


The MV Grab & Go for busy LA Moms

Let’s face it, moms. Our kids are right smack in the middle of the Fall semester and we know it because by this point, our busy weeknights have reached an all-time level of madness.

We’re busier than ever with school pick-ups, after school practices, traffic, phone calls, homework and somewhere in there, making sure dinner is served.

One LA chef knows this firsthand.

“I have three small children,” says D. Brandon Walker, executive chef at The MV Grab & Go Restaurant. He teamed up with two fellow chefs and openend the Mar Vista Eatery in late May.

“My wife and I both work and we have tons of activities going on. We’re literally trying to fit dinner into these little windows all the time.”


Walker says his concept for The MV Grab and Go was to incorporate a fresh, tasty and affordable family pick-up meal.

“If I’m under $10 a person then I’m feeling like I’m getting a good value, as long as it’s real food,” he remembers thinking to himself.

With that in mind, the restaurant’s menu features family-style complete dinners for pick-up and preordering (with new options each week) for $30. Each order comfortably serves a family of four. Patrons can call ahead, place their order and pick-up dinner which will consist of fresh ingredients mainly sourced from the Mar Vista Farmers Market.


The restaurant is located off the 12000 block of Venice Blvd. in the heart of Mar Vista and even though parking may be limited during peak hours, it still beats an evening of kitchen stress and kitchen mess at home.

Just don’t get distracted by the restaurant’s signature Frico Taco (Walker will walk us through this next week), it will inevitably draw you in and possibly make you change your dinner plans. Oh wait, but even if you switch your family meal to Frico Tacos, you’ll still be under $10 per person!

This week’s family dinner at The MV Grab and Go consists of Shrimp fried rice, salad & garlic bread (menu subject to change).

The MV Grab & Go Family Style Enchiladas

The MV Grab & Go Family Style Enchiladas

The MV Grab & Go

Open 10am – 8pm daily

12226 Venice Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90066

Order by phone: 424-228-4679

Order online:

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