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She’s only been living in Los Angeles for four years but Paty Soto of, says she has plenty of love for the Southland.

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“I spent two and a half years in Boston and Mexico City,” says Paty. “I have my heart divided between these three cities, but I must confess, I enjoy living in LA a lot more than in my previous locations.”

And Los Angeles seems to love Paty right back. The fashion stylist and beauty expert who’s raising her 10-year-old daughter, Isabel, has been featured in several magazines and received recognitions for her blog from make-up companies such as Avon.

Paty received her college degree in Philosophy but when she started feeling like she needed more social interaction, she got certified as a Fashion and Personal Stylist and received certification as a Make-Up Artist. Ten years ago, she started noticing very few blogs were posting beauty and fashion content in Spanish and that’s when she decided to leap into the blogosphere with By the way, Guapologia is a word she made up by combining the word “guapa” which is Spanish for good-looking and “logia” (pronounced lo-hee-ah) which represents the study or treatment of something. Fun, right?

Eventually, Paty turned her Spanish-language platform into a bilingual website and has reached nearly 19,000 followers on social media!

Plus, did we mention she’s a wine aficionado? Her family owns a wine label, “Trasiego” in Mexico.

Cheers, Paty! We love your blog and YouTube videos and we look forward to reading many more of those awesome beauty & style tips (we’re still trying to recreate your ombre lips)!


What inspired you to become a blogger?

I started blogging because ten years ago there were not a lot of blogs in Spanish that would talk about beauty and style the way I wanted to find that content: relatable, honest and researched in a better way than what I was finding in the magazines. Also, I was a new mom living in a new city, where the weather is not easy to deal with, so I was spending too much time in my apartment and my creative juices needed to flow. I wrote my blog in Spanish only for a while but I have become more comfortable with creating content in English and I really enjoy doing it.

What is your proudest Mommy Blogger Moment?

I think it was when my daughter was in fourth grade and she promoted the creation of a school paper made for and by the students. She tried hard to made it work but it only lasted two numbers before things got heated up between the kids, so I offer her a virtual space on the blog to express herself. My only condition is to write the posts both in English and Spanish. Her space is called “Mini’s corner” and although she doesn’t write on it very often, it has become a space for me too to share about being raising a tween in a co-parenting world.


What’s your favorite place to take your daughter LA?

I have a very active kid, so LA’s weather is perfect to keep her burning energy in an outside space. I love to take her to a playground that is on the outskirts of Griffith Park, at Riverside and Los Feliz Blvd. There is a lot of space for her to play, we have found small animals like squirrels and groundhogs and there is always some other kids that are eager to play with her (because she’s an only child and sometimes she really needs more interaction with little humans than with me). I also take her to the beach near Pacific Palisades and she can spend hours playing with the sand, getting wet and even picking up trash from the beach in an effort to prevent it getting into the ocean. 


What’s your favorite LA hang out without kids?

My husband and I love bar hopping! We love to find little-known places and try different cocktails. Although it is not in LA, we try to go to Paso Robles and the Central Coast of California any time we can. Paso has a lot of great local wineries and vineyards, and we enjoy tremendously our escapades whenever Mini (Isabel’s pet name) is spending the weekend with her dad. 


What’s your best motherhood advice?

Be consistent with your child when it comes to showing her to follow the rules and about action and consequences. Always honor your promises to them. This is easier said than done, but you are the only person in the world who actually will have the patience and love to teach him how to be responsible and caring, even when there are things that we don’t like. It is OK to be more open to negotiation when the kids are growing up, but it has to be little by little and as a privilege that comes with time and maturity.



Connect with Paty!

Instagram: @Guapologa & @StyledbyPaty

Twitter: @Guapologa






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