Fashion Statements at the 3rd Annual Amber Rose Slutwalk


Werk It, Rosebuds!

By Irene Marquez, Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine Fashion Contributor

I’m always energized by the colors, textures and freedom of hip hop fashion. Even though I’m a pretty neutral gal who prefers black, white and nudes, I absolutely love being surrounded by outfits that are much brighter, louder and provocative than those found in my closet.

This weekend’s Amber Rose Slut Walk proved to be the perfect setting for that particular experience. There were hot pink faux furs, glittery jackets, neon hair colors, metallic boots, sequin capes, tassels, rhinestones, stilettos, chains, stockings, corsets and thongs.

And it was pretty damn spectacular because everyone there had a statement to make that went beyond fashion.

The 3rd Annual Amber Rose Slut Walk was a march to embrace sexuality, individuality and denounce “slut-shaming,” which is when someone insults a person based on their sexual history, their profession or their way of dressing.

Sure, there are people who may find these types of movements too provocative and too risqué but if you ever give yourself a chance to go (Amber Rose assures this movement will continue every year), then you’ll probably be drawn in to its culture of peaceful empowerment with a whole lot of fierce… and even if just for a moment, you’ll start to rethink your closet!

Here are some of the styles that caught my eye:

On the streets of Downtown LA

Photo: Dante Marshall

Photo: Dante Marshall


Photo: Jasmine Durhal

Photo: Jasmine Durhal


Photo: Jasmine Durhal

Photo: Jasmine Durhal


Photo: Jasmine Durhal

Photo: Jasmine Durhal



On the Pink Carpet







Ms. Amber Rose as “Captain Save a Hoe”



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