Mom Blogger Monday: Noelani Brewster


Make-Up & Motherhood!


Noelani Brewster’s eyelashes are always perfect!

The stay-at-home mommy from Torrance is raising her two young cuties, Eric, 16 months and Nickolas, 2 months and also runs a business– her very own cosmetic line which offers highlight powders, eyebrow pomades and those 3D Mink lashes that she wears so gracefully (we’ll shop you later, mama). As a licensed esthetician and eyelash extension artist, Noelani tried enough products and finally decided to develop her very own line!

Plus, she’s a blogger who proudly shares her boymom experiences on her website, Noelani’s Mommy Life and offers tips like five ways to bounce back after having a baby and It’s time to go outside (a helpful mommy ramble) where she recommends “No technology in the morning.”

“This doesn’t mean we live like cavemen,” says Noelani. “In the morning I feel like their little brains pick up the most.”

Noelani worked as a personal stylist after graduating from college. Then she went on to work in the fashion industry for a top-notch label eventually ditching the nine to five to focus her enthusiasm on motherhood while managing entrepreneurship, creativity and boymom joys.

Good job, Mama! Keep up the hustle because remember, “There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come!’


What inspired you to become a blogger?

My sons are my biggest inspiration. Since becoming a mommy I gained so much information and experience I decided to share my knowledge and photos with others.


What is your proudest Mommy Blogger Moment?

My proudest moment would be when I actually finished creating my blog. While I was pregnant with my first child I created a  mommy page on Instagram but never had time to actually create a real blog page. I would always start but found myself busy with work and life. After my son was born I started working on my blog but found myself pregnant again and never worked on my blog page. Now that my second son is born and I have a little spare time I finally finished creating my blog and started creating posts.


What’s your favorite place to take the kids in LA?

Since our sons are still young we enjoy taking them to our local park. There is plenty of space for him to run and a play section for younger children.


What’s your favorite LA hang out without the kids?  

When I need some alone time I love going to the nail shop! I can get a mani and pedi and relax. Also my husband and I enjoy going to the movies or out to a quiet dinner.


What’s your best motherhood advice?

Life is going to continuously throw curve balls and you just got to be ready for them. Also set mini goals for yourself and achieve them. Sometimes you get stuck in “mommy mode” and get too busy for yourself.



Connect with Noelani!

Instagram @noe_mommylife, & @noelanicosmetics


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