What if our sons are being sexually harrassed too?


A Call for Moms to encourage their sons to SPEAK UP

With the recent allegations of sexual harassment made by a male against actor Kevin Spacey, one non-profit organization with a hub in Los Angeles is encouraging all men who’ve been victimized, to speak up too.

Most men are not abusive. But far too often, they are silent about the abuse committed by other men, according to the Joyful Heart Foundation, which promotes a world free of sexual assault.

“We can’t let survivors bear the burden alone any more,” says Maile M. Zambuto, National Chief Executive Officer of Joyful Heart. “It’s time for all of us—especially men—to pick up the torch, and to sustain the fire of bringing about far-reaching cultural change.”

On Monday, the Joyful Heart Foundation launched a campaign titled: “#IWILLSPEAKUP” calling on other men to speak out against the violence and abuse that is reportedly happening every day in our country.

As part of the campaign, a Public Service Announcement was produced featuring notable actors Andre Braugher, Tate Donovan, Anthony Edwards, Raúl Esparza, Dann Florek, Peter Hermann, Max Joseph, Daniel Dae Kim, David Marciano, Chris Meloni, Danny Pino, Andrew Ranellsand Blair Underwood calling on other men to speak out against the violence and abuse they’ve experienced. 

“This campaign, gives us hope that men—in speech and in action—will speak up about the violence and abuse perpetrated by other men,” added Ted Bunch, Co-Founder of A Call to Men, which educates men all over the world on healthy, respectful manhood.  “All men have friends, colleagues, family members, and young men and boys in their lives that they can talk to about healthy, respectful manhood. Speak up.”


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