Guilt-Free Mommy Snacks to Enjoy This Holiday Season


Our new healthier snack obsessions!

Let’s be honest here, when December arrives we automatically think of the Holidays and holidays are synonymous with food. Lots of it.

Of course there was the Thanksgiving feast which had plenty of protein and greens but also an enormous share of stuffing, mashed potatoes, bread and pies. Then there are those sneaky Holiday parties with more food, cocktails and desserts. At home, you’re probably baking cookies for Santa that may or may not be consumed by mommy. And the New Year will likely get here with plenty of celebratory bubbly. And what do those things equate to? Calories. Thousands of them.

Fortunately for moms everywhere, we’ve discovered several enjoyable treats you can buy now to avoid those Holiday snacking temptations or better yet, serve as replacements to the gazillion options that won’t do our healthy life attempts any good. Find out why we’re crazy about these yummy mommy treats:


Revelé Gelato



On a mission to make low calorie ice cream without adding funky ingredients, Revelé’s CEO – a PHD and award-winning food scientist – wanted to lose weight, but missed the taste of ice cream. So he whipped a little more air into the gelato and developed a pint with the same, real ingredients, but without the fake sugar. Inspired by this revelation, Revelé Gelato was born. We found Revelé Gelato to stands out from the rest because it has one-third of the calories, fat and sugar compared to industrial ice cream, zero grams of lactose, it’s made with real cane sugar and comes in six mouthwatering flavors including: Seasonal Strawberries, Cake Batter and Belgian Chocolate. We’ve tried them all and concluded they’re our new obsession of the dairy kind.



Good Zebra animal crackers


Put down that protein bar and reach for your favorite childhood snack with Good Zebra—the world’s first spirit animal crackers designed to satisfy your hunger while indulging your inner kid.

These feisty treats aren’t the caged circus animals of the past. They are promoted as “roam free-spirit animals” with 12 grams of protein and a delightfully sweet bite that comes from organic honey and organic coconut sugar. Available in three flavors: Vanilla, Lemon and Chai, they have no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

“I wanted to create a transparent brand families could feel good about. One based on wholesome ingredients, a superior taste, and plenty of sass,” explained Good Zebra Founder and CEO Erika Szychowski. “The Zebra was the perfect namesake for the brand and its mission—black and white and nothing shady.”



Barney Butter

Chocolate Lovers– Consider yourselves warned, you’ll got nuts with this Almond Butter!

Barney Butter, the California-based producer of locally-sourced almond butters launched its new, dairy-free, peanut-free and gluten-free flavor: “Barney Butter’s Chocolate Almond Butter.” It’s an industry first—a soy-free, peanut-free, dairy-free product with only 3 grams of sugar that customers will love,” says president & CEO Dawn Kelley.

The latest flavor, “Barney’s Butter Chocolate Almond Butter” serves the company’s twin focus on developing products for their customers that marry good health with good taste. “Chocolate’s a natural fit with the rich, creamy flavor of our all-natural product,” says Kelley, “but it’s a taste more often associated with decadent splurges than nutritious eating.”

All you have to do now is dip your apple slices into it and you’ll walk out of the house feeling like you ate an indulgent dessert!

Barney's Almond Butter.jpg

Phyter Bars


Phyter bars are the creation of Chef David Choi Jr., who grew up in a household of Korean vegan chefs and served as head chef at his family’s Amitabul restaurant in Chicago for nine years. With his long background in plant-based eating, Chef David decided to come up with a veggie-based bar, the Phyter Bar. It’s organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Soy-Free.

Chef Choi believes a plant-based diet can protect the body against different diseases and his bars are an easy way to indulge without the guilty feelings (there’s a Cranberry Strawberry flavor that is simply berry good.)


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