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Travel with JoeMama

When Maria Aurora Castro was in her early-twenties, she left her hometown in Florida and moved to Los Angeles. That trip to LA was her first plane ride and quite possibly the one that served as a springboard to the years of travel that would follow.

Maria Aurora, known by many as “Mama” has traveled all over the world with her husband Joe and two children, Jonah 7 and Josslyn, 4. The stay-at-home LA mom with a college degree is doing more than caring for her kids full-time, she is giving her kids a lesson in world cultures and global travel. And she’s taking us along for the family’s adventures with her blog Travel with JoeMama, where readers can catch stories of their international adventures, from rides at Disneyland Paris and Treehouse lodging in Costa Rica to blizzards in Vancouver.

Ironically, Maria Aurora says she’s never been a fan of flying.

“I hate to fly, but I absolutely looooove to travel. I have a legit fear of flying and heights, my palms start sweating on the way to the airport. Nonetheless, I refuse to allow my fear of flying to stop me from living out my dreams,” she says.

At their young ages, Maria Aurora’s kids have become experienced travelers who have grown used to the airport life. And if you’re wondering who’s to blame for their adventurous and severe case of the travel bug, she says her husband is a “loving, amazing husband and father but most of all a super travel enthusiast.”

Way to go, Mama! We love your blog and we’re feeling encouraged to pack up the diaper bags and jump on a plane with the kiddos! Thanks for making travel seem so fun and reminding us that life’s too short to stay home!


What inspired you to become a blogger?

My husband and I wanted to share our travel adventures with our family and friends through our travel stories and photographs.  I feel that becoming a world traveler has somewhat turned me into a storyteller.  We also wanted to inspire others to travel with their small children.  It’s so intimidating, but I really wanted people to see that if we can do it, so can they.  We also wanted to model for our readers and followers the importance of family travel. Often the value of family trips is undervalued.  Traveling as a family allows us to disconnect from everything and help us to connect and bond with one another.  I know this will become even more valuable as our kids grow older.  Unfortunately, our babies will only want to hang out with us for so long. It’s the little moments we have together that are the most priceless and most significant.

What is your proudest Mommy Blogger Moment?

(This could be as simple as a time when you gathered the courage to share a personal situation or the first big brand collaboration you completed).  Our proudest moment was when we inspired one of our Instagram followers to leave the United States and go international for the first time ever.  We were so excited for them when they got their passports.  They took their children on an epic adventure through the rain forests of Costa Rica.  It was so satisfying and beautiful to watch this family make endless priceless memories together.

What’s your favorite place to take the kids in LA?

Hands down, the beach! Mainly, Zuma Beach! This is our place of calm and serenity.  We always find peace at the beach.  Plus, it’s so simple to toss a bunch of snacks and sand toys in a bag and hang out all day.

What’s your favorite LA hang out without the kids? 

Hang out without the kids??? What’s that! haha.  We don’t get out often without the kids, but on those rare occasions we love to dine and chill at MoonShadows in Malibu, CA.  It has a beautiful atmosphere, great ambiance, and delicious food and cocktails.

What’s your best motherhood advice?

Always encourage your children to be kind.  Try to never miss an opportunity to model and teach the importance of kindness. Always encourage your children to explore and nourish their curiosities.  Remind them that anything is possible, I personally love to quote NASA to my kids, “When failure is not an option, the only option is success”. If human beings can put a human into space, then anything is possible.  It’s okay to dream big.


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