LA’s Top Unicorn Desserts


A craving is born– Hello, tasty Unicorn!

Let’s face it, those mystical woodland creatures known as unicorns that don’t exist but everybody loves, actually possess a curiously graceful charm.

In Los Angeles, plenty of businesses have caught the unicorn bug and currently sell sweet and indulgent unicorn concoctions, pastries and other desserts with sprinkles, frosting, rainbow candy and the ever-present magical horn.

Here are our top Unicorn Desserts in Los Angeles. We guarantee having one of these will suddenly make your day feel like it’s full of smiles (and rainbows):


Unicorn Macarons – Kayla’s Cakes

Downtown Disney District, Anaheim


The tiny french-inspired desserts come in unicorn shape for all who walk through the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim. Kayla’s Cakes has a dessert cart located across the Lego Store. You can get a single unicorn macaron for $4 or place an order online for all your friends to enjoy too. The best part? The strawberry filling. The not-so-good part? Those perfectly hand-drawn unicorn lashes will disappear almost magically after the first bite.


Uniconchas – La Central Bakery

East Los Angeles



It takes a unique and imaginative spirit like the one of Laura Martinez to sprinkle her family’s landmark East LA bakery with a dose of unicorn dust and create such an original concept as her one-of-a-kind Uniconchas. Martinez’ take on the popular Mexican sweet bread is brilliantly decorated with simple glaze, sugar flowers and a golden horn that is also edible. The only catch– They’re almost too cute to eat! Plus, you may get there only to find out they’ve sold out! Make sure you call ahead of time to ensure your order of uniconchas will be available when you arrive. (323) 260-4686.


Unicorn Cupcakes – The Cake Mamas


We know there are dozens of bakers and independent cake-makers that can create custom-ordered unicorn desserts for parties and celebrations. But we love the Cake Mamas unicorn cupcakes because these colorful and rainbow-inspired unicorn happy treats are are available any time, year-round at their storefront in Monrovia. When you bite into one, you will discover the inside inspires as much joy as the outside with a swirl of bright vanilla flavored cake colors. Best of all, the Cake Mamas are nationally recognized bakers who won the Food Network’s, “Cake Wars” Competition during season one. In other words, they know how to please a demanding sweet tooth.


Unicorn Smoothie – Caked LA

Monterey Park



Aside from the marshmallows, sour rainbow belts, peach rings, candy bracelets, sprinkles and whipped cream, Caked LA‘s Unicorn Milkshake is a nutrient-filled smoothie made with milk, fresh strawberries and bananas. It’s pretty much the type of liquid power-up you can have for breakfast, lunch or dinner and it automatically comes with dessert and the cutest, most delicious pair of unicorn ears. Oh, and for your unicorn-loving dude, there’s also a blue option.


Unicorn Donuts – Spudnuts Donuts

Canoga Park



What’s better than biting into a soft, sumptuous, vanilla glazed donut after your first sip of morning coffee? Biting into a soft, sumptuous, vanilla glazed unicorn donut, of course! If you happen to be in Canoga Park, make it a point to stop by Spudnuts, where a fresh batch of unicorn cake donuts with crunchy sprinkles of assorted shapes and sizes is baked every morning. Yes, you heard right, these delicious cake donuts do not require a special order, just make sure to get there early. According to a store employee, it’s one of their most popular selections.


Unicorn Ready-Made Birthday Cakes – Caked LA

Chino Hills


If you’re already planning your child’s magnificent unicorn-themed birthday, you might as well make it a point to stop by Caked LA to pick up the cake. Every slice will arrive with a full-set of delectable cake flavors and fruit filling for your guests to enjoy. There’s usually a large array of these ready-made cakes in a stunning display of color palettes for all tastes.


Unicorn Chocolate Cupcakes – Au Fudge

Beverly Hills


The chocolatey, fudgey, moist texture of Au Fudge‘s chocolate unicorn cupcake is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Plus, a small waffle cone that takes the shape of a unicorn’s horn is the perfect balance to offset any feelings of too much sweetness. This one features tiny ears that barely make an appearance but they’re covered with sprinkles which makes up for their diminutive stature.


Unicorn Ice Cream – Little Damage

Downtown Los Angeles



There’s nothing too unicorn-looking about this icy blue-colored ice cream at Little Damage titled “Unicorn Tears”. However, when you taste the flavor of this particular sweet cream, you’ll likely feel like crying tears of joy while riding a unicorn in a purple-colored sky with glitter clouds– we’re serious, it’s that good!

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