Fashion Predictions for 2018


2018, Here We Come!

By Irene Marquez, Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine Fashion & Style Contributor

When I think of 2018 in terms of fashion, I imagine more of the styles and trends that are synonymous with femme-powerment– bold colors, denim, edgy looks and that gorgeous color of the year pick by Pantone–– Ultra Violet. I think 2018 will be about creating a personal brand around your style, mixed in with some chic designer patterns, textures and did I mention Ultra Violet?

In coming up with a post about ways to organize your style preferences in 2018, I discovered numerous websites and online services. One of them struck me as a unique resource for LA Moms, who are often super busy raising kids but still have the enthusiasm to look good and dress well– despite having to spend a large chunk of the afternoon sitting in 405 FWY rush hour traffic!

It’s called and it’s owned by New York mom Sharon Haver.  It’s literally a one-stop shop where women can learn the tools to become their own personal brand and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

I was able to communicate with Sharon and she confirmed several of my predictions for 2018 and elaborated more on what we should expect.

“There’s a big trend to taking tried and true silhouettes and tzujing them up to be spectacular trend pieces,” she said. “Look for a styled up trench coats, upleveled athletic wear, the continuation of embellished loafers.”

It’s as if fashion is saying, ‘I know you’re used to this but we can make it better,’ she added.

In her Styleword:Fashion Quotes For Real Style book (, Sharon says “Glamour is the extra something to make you twinkle” adding that there are plenty of gorgeous extra somethings to crave this year.

So here’s what we can expect, in the words of Sharon Haver:




We are going to be seeing a lot of rich violets, lavenders  and chic purples. It’s nothing like the Barney purple but rather more elegant regal shades that have a smokier, dusty undertones.


Florals were all over the runways and popping up in stores. They are mostly larger scale prints that resemble cool wallpaper. Naturally, violet and fuchsia flowers can be found in many prints. Plaids level up from only reserved for weekend flannels or old school bankers. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns to put your personal stamp on it.



Lot’s of dark denim in unexpected, more constructed silhouettes reminiscent of the late 1980s. It’s a trend that’s perfect for mommies who want to dress up and still be comfy. Think about adding a midi denim dress or skirt to your school run looks.


I love that fringe is back on trend so quickly! There’s something so fun and unexpected about adding a playful fringe accent to your basics and go full on fringe for a fun night out.

Most importantly, Sharon says it’s better to have a good style sense rather than a good fashion sense.

“Having a good style sense means you are in touch with who you are, what flatters you, and stand in your own authentic star power so you can be the best at being you…. that is true style!”

I love this woman.

Check out her website: Focus on Style by Sharon Haver

Thanks for reading and may 2018 be your most fabulous year yet, LA Mamas!



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