Mother’s Day Gifts That Make Us Happy

Mother’s Day is always important. We honor the women that gave us life, either biologically or spiritually and we love to get pampered by our kids and significant others. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent over $21 Billion in Mother’s Day gifts last year. We asked three moms what they envisioned as a perfect Mother’s Day gift and their responses were refreshingly simple:

The best mother’s day gift is time for yourself, away from all the responsibilities, even for just an hour. LA’s rhythm is so hectic and just getting out of that rhythm for a while is so helpful and adds to the peace and the energy you need to handle crying babies.
— Claudia Palacios, Mother & LA Artist

I feel that now with the whole technology boom, a phone charger or something useful like that. I take pictures of my son, I take videos of my son. So for me today, I would say a portable phone charger!
— Brenda Campos, Mother of a toddler boy

I got a mani and pedi this morning. I like getting spoiled, I like my hubby spoiling me. It’s important to feel the appreciation from your family. And how much they appreciate what you do for them means a lot.
— Jennifer Rodriguez, Mommy from San Diego

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