Our First Tu Madre! Crafting Workshop


Why Buy When you Can Fucking Make It!?

Tu Madre! (Yo momma!) is a crafting club for badass moms. Started by tough, potty-mouthed, crafty twin sisters and moms; Marisol, a high school teacher, and Jacqueline, a work-from-home Graphic Designer. Tu Madre! is a creative, social and judgement-free environment for moms that love to DIY. Why buy when you can fucking make it?!

Tu Madre! – Hanging Wall Decor workshop was the first meet up of our mom crafting club. We were grateful to be hosted by the amazing community-based, non-profit, Las Fotos Project, a photography program for teen girls.

To keep our workshop relaxing and feeling more like hanging out with friends, we only offered 12 spots. All tickets were reserved, but of course being moms, we know there’s always last minute unexpected circumstances, so only 5 madres actually attended. Nonetheless, everyone had an awesome time learning to make beautiful wall decor pieces and meeting other creative women.

We talked about how necessary it is for moms to make time for themselves and get out of the mom routine to nurture their creative spirits.  Doing what we love to do (whatever it may be) makes us happier and better moms.

Thank you to all the awesome women that attended. Thank you Las Fotos Project for hosting Tu Madre! Crafting.

-Marisol Rivera & Jacqueline Rivera Carbajal

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