Enjoying National Donut Day at Mama’s Donuts in Van Nuys

Donut Mess With Mama’s Donuts!

It’s National Donut Day and we decided to make a stop at one of the San Fernando Valley’s most popular donut shops, “Mama’s Donuts” located on Sherman Way in Van Nuys.

Considering Yelp reviews alone, this is the best place to go for your favorite sugar fix and a morning cup of coffee. What we found at 8:00am was a line that stretched outside of the shop. Inside, customers were ordering everything from strawberry cake donuts to gourmet red velvet crumble and cheesecake frosting donuts.

The owner, Mike Tang and his wife have introduced new recipes since they acquired the shop 9 years ago from the original “mama”, a Korean lady who was devoted to the donuts until she turned 75.

“The cronuts are pretty popular. Some of these were just made for today,” said Tang, pointing at a unique cheesecake puff donut next to his pineapple and blueberry fritters. “There’s also pistachio cake donuts.”

On National Donut Day, the Tang’s decorated their store with donut streamers, a special National Donut Day Frame and handed out special stickers to their customers. But perhaps the most appealing decoration is a charming pink and gold banner that reads: “National Donut Day Mama” on the store’s front window. It made us smile.

Happy National Donut Day to you.


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