Moms: Meet the Mystic Museum

“Why do things have bad connotations attached to them?”

Tired of staring at the same style of canvas paintings and marble sculptures every time you go to a museum? Here’s an idea: Get up close and personal with Ouija Boards, Voodoo Dolls and Moon Spell books at the Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum in Burbank.

Yes, you heard right. There’s a museum in Los Angeles with a wicked collection of Ouija Boards. The exhibit gallery also features a century-old witch mannequin, numerous antique items of the occult variety and even artistic works of art for sale, like a miniature House of Horrors with a resin figurine of a man appearing to be dismembering a body. The piece titled “We Work in the Dark” is on sale for $1,300.

“We love artists and we love the community,” says Stephanie Joens, one of the museum’s owners. “It’s been increasingly popular. We’re so busy but we’re happy and ecstatic.”

Currently, the museum is featuring an X-Files/Twin Peaks exhibit that has attracted visitors from all over Los Angeles and brought some of the hit TV shows’ creators and celebrities for special themed events.

The Mystic Museum recently celebrated its first year anniversary. While the facility may have all the elements to make certain guests feel an eerie tension, the friendly owners explain there’s nothing to be fearful about.

“I was raised in a super conservative Christian home,” explains Joens. “But later I started wondering ‘why do things have bad connotations attached to them?'”

She says her drive to dedicate time and effort to the opening of this museum had to do in part with giving people a chance to question why things are scary.

“It’s so interesting that religion has turned its nose on (the Ouija Board) calling it an evil item,” she said. “If you look at the history, the Ouija Board was created by a woman…a Christian woman.”

Aside from the spirit boards and other unique collections, the museum has a storefront with a large array of items on sale, some of which Rock Star Marilyn Manson has used private time to purchase.

Other guest experiences include Tarot classes, vintage fortune-telling, Ouija Board group sessions and book signings.

Before leaving for the night, you can have your picture taken behind a mega-sized Ouija Board prop and spin the Mystic’s Museum wheel of fortune outside of the shop. Just be careful. The reading may say: “you will be visited by a ghost”.

The Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum

3204 W. Magnolia Ave. | Burbank, CA 91505

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