Five Cool Murals to Instagram this Weekend!

Make it a summer of photos!

It’s the first weekend of summer and what better way to show your enthusiasm than by posing in front of a bright, hip and colorful LA mural, right?

We’ve rounded up our top five Instagrammable backdrops to visit this weekend and let the world know how cool it is to be an Angeleno this summer. Stay tuned, we’ll have a July & August list too.

1. New Plancha Tacos Restaurant in Van Nuys (corner of Delano St. & Van Nuys Blvd.)

The bright yellow and green mural has images of things we love in LA, like tacos and landmarks and traffic and avocados. Although the restaurant is not yet open for business, nobody said we couldn’t take pictures in front of the super cool wall art created by AFW Design.


2. The One With the Bubbles Mural (E. 3rd St. at S. Hewitt in Downtown LA)

This one’s been around since 2012. Artist Kim West says she was commissioned to paint something “optimistic, hopeful and happy”. She says she had used a magazine image of an actress “blowing bubbles from a wine glass, while lounging on a couch” as a muse every time she needed to get out of a rut. Because that was her go-to source whenever she wanted to feel better, she used it here to project the optimism that had been requested.


3. Pink Starburst Wall (3rd. St. & Main in Downtown LA)

It’s everybody’s favorite Starburst Flavor expressed on a white wall in an area in Downtown LA that’s otherwise a bit grimy. But we love the burst of picture-taking possibilities in front of this wall, with or without the extra accessories (like balloons or cotton candy or a big ice cream cone).


4. Willow Studios (1350 Palmetto St. in Downtown LA)

The Willow Studios in Downtown Los Angeles, frequently booked for filming and other industry-projects, is covered in colorful hearts painted by Free Humanity. It’s so cheerful, you’ll be able to have a long summer photo sesh without even having to think about the types of scenes that are filmed inside (we don’t know either, just sayin).


5. La Buena Vida Mural (painted on the wall of Que Ricos Tacos in North Hollywood on Victory Blvd. & Marse St.)

The talented Ruben Rojas did it again- he created a fun and inviting wall mural that says “La Buena Vida” or The Good Life. It’s part of the BeautyEarth project that wants to “put an end to blighted walls and fixtures all over the world.” We love that idea and will support it by photographing these murals, one colorful picture at a time.

Happy picture-taking. Remember to hashtag: #MyMommyInLADay on your Instagram photos so we can repost and share the love!

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