Mom Blogger Monday: Amber Taylor

“It’s hard enough to be a mom so why not give moms a shout-out!?”

Amber Taylor is an LA Mommy who decided she wouldn’t just raise a boy in Los Angeles without reaching out to other moms and creating a support network. She joined forces with a friend to create her blog, Two Moms One City and has been documenting her motherhood experiences, from personal decisions regarding birth control to real talk about why she’s grateful to have her boyfriend-turned-baby daddy in her life. Amber has also been highlighting other local moms and entrepreneurs on her blog, which she says is evolving and asks to “stay tuned…”

We will stay tuned, Mama!

Keep on working toward your goals, one blog post at a time and thanks for spreading the love to other LA Moms (and dads)!

What inspired you to become a blogger?

Initially I wanted to do a “Mommy n Me” Meet & Greet group, where moms meet up and connect with other moms around the city, but it was hard to get everyone to come out. I just really wanted more connection with moms, emphasizing on the black community. I see so many entrepreneur moms in my generation and I thought it would cool to spotlight and shout them out because it’s a hard enough job to be a mom but then taking on the task of entrepreneurship and just having a career in general adds more to it. 

What is your proudest Mommy Blogger Moment?

No lie this is probably one of my proudest moments as a blogger. I’ve had this vision forever and initially just thought about something small and local and the deeper I get in it I see it being bigger. I just can’t wait for it to take off! 

What’s your favorite place to take the kids in LA?

I always say my son in not an inside kid, he needs to be outdoors, climbing, jumping, running, etc. because we live in the valley and we have very hot summers, we get in the pool and he loves it!!! He also loves the playground. I hate that I work all day during the week and weekends are when I’m able to run errands so we don’t get out much. We do hit up the Studio City Farmers Market, which is very kid-friendly, there’s so much for the kids to do— they have a petting zoo, jumpers, and ponies.

What’s your favorite LA hang out without the kids?

I am such a home body, so I don’t get out much, but I love a good brunch or dinner, because as I always say, my kid isn’t a restaurant kid, so I do things (around LA) that I don’t do with him.

What’s your best motherhood advice?

The best motherhood advice I can give is: go with YOUR gut, every child is different and what may have worked for one kid may not work for yours. Also don’t listen to charts’ expectations on how your child “should” be developing at their age because every kid is different.

Just to give you an example, Brody was at a school and they were telling us he wasn’t on track with his communication skills, despite the fact he knew the entire alphabet, could count to 10, and knew his colors. They were telling us to get him tested to see if he was “on track”. We took him out of the school in April and he’s a whole different kid, doing what they said he wasn’t doing on their time.

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