Where to try the ‘Best Waffle in California’

No Syrup Needed

Add this waffle to your breakfast bucket list: The Dulce de Liege from Waffle Love.

It’s a fried churro waffle with fried ice cream and dulce de leche drizzled over the ice cream. It’s one of the most popular items at the Waffle Love shop in Northridge, which celebrated its grand opening in February. A second location in Long Beach also made its debut recently. And the Waffle Love food truck is making its way through the streets of Los Angeles.

“We started in Utah,” explains Waffle Love owner Boyd Bell. “We make our waffles from scratch. We bake them with pearl sugar imported from Belgium. They don’t need syrup. It’s the best waffle in California.”

Customers who take a bite of the Dulce de Liege, immediately learn the waffle restaurant’s slogan “love at first bite” may not just be a clever play on words. Once you start removing spoonfuls of ice cream and get to the waffle at the bottom of the tray, what you discover is a fresh, crisp, buttery creation that only introduces a hint of sweet.

At the Northridge shop, a Waffle Love employee named Mark goes through the menu, which currently has about a dozen different waffle options. The “Red Wonder,” he says, is particularly popular due to a special Biscoff cream that is used along with fresh strawberries, raspberries and cream that decorate the fresh-made waffle.

“People really like this one,” he says.

The shop opens early for breakfast and brunch and stays open through the evening where you can find parents and children frequently. That’s because Waffle Love has been hosting school fundraisers at the Northridge location as a way to give back and engage with the local community.

As you exit the shop, there’s a wall that illustrates the story of Bell, the owner, and how he came to create Waffle Love. The last message is more of a thank you message to all customers for dining at the shop.

The customers would like to thank you, Waffle Love.

Waffle Love – Northridge | 9411 Reseda Blvd. | Northridge, CA 91342

Waffle Love – Long Beach | 3768 Long Beach Blvd. | Long Beach, CA 90807

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