A new way to FASTPASS at Disneyland Debuts July 19

Disneyland guests will have a new way to avoid long lines at their favorite attractions beginning July 19. That’s when the new online service called Disney MaxPass will be available for $10 per person on the Disneyland Mobile Phone App.

“The introduction of Disney MaxPass is part of our ongoing commitment to providing guests with opportunities to customize their experiences and make it even easier than ever to create unforgettable memories,” says Erin Glover of the Disney Parks Blog in today’s MaxPass announcement.

Here’s how Disney MaxPass will work: Guests must register for a Disney account online and download the Disneyland Mobile Phone App. Once the app is downloaded and the guest is logged into their account, they must purchase the service on their mobile devices. That will allow them to reserve their FASTPASSES for any of the 16 attractions currently offering the service.

The catch? The Disney MaxPass Service must be used inside the Parks. In other words, you cannot reserve FASTPASSES if you are not there. While it will eliminate the need to rush to different “lands” to secure FASTPASSES, the Disneyland Resort does not guarantee availability of FASTPASSES. If a guest purchases the Disney MaxPass Service in hopes of booking their FASTPASSES from the convenience of their phone but there’s no FASTPASS availability for an attraction, they’d be out of luck.

Another Disney Parks Blog Post is expected to offer guests further instructions on how to use the MaxPass feature when it kicks off on July 19.

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