Food Documentary Explores ‘Extraordinary Health’

“There is only one health, it’s unique to you”

The idea that people can create extraordinary health for themselves is the theme of Beyond Food, a newly-launched documentary by Tomas Reyes, an LA-based chef on a mission to let it be known that “normalized” health or medicine is a thing of the past. Instead, he says, “we live in the age of personalized health”.

The hour-and-a-half film, produced and narrated by Reyes takes viewers on his personal quest to find elements that make up “extraordinary health”. In his journey, he meets and interviews a number of health and wellness aficionados who introduce concepts such as biohacking, brain wave control and primal lifestyle.

“I wanted to change the conversation,” says Reyes. “Other documentaries that exposed the feedlot reality, and other appalling food industry practices were important, but most of them are pushing one dietary agenda focused on one solution for all and that’s very misleading.”

Reyes says food is the basis of good health but his film shows that other practices such as daily rituals, workouts, breathing, mindfulness, training, heart rate variability and focus can help people understand their own biology and explore ways to enjoy their own extraordinary health.

“It’s a fun adventure of personal empowerment when you realize that with the right
knowledge, you can transform your health, body and emotional well-being. We can all create extraordinary health in our lives,” he says.

Beyond Food Movie is available on iTunes for $7.99.

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