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One Happy Jig At a time

If you come across one of Jasmin Cervantes’ Instagram Live streams, you may find yourself with a sudden inclination to get up and dance, or squat, or complete a set of push-ups right in the middle of your work day.

The high-energy San Fernando Valley mom is on a mission to live the happiest, healthiest version of herself. She does so with healthy eating, motivational messages and “happy jigs” to ward off negative energy and remind other moms that “it’s ok to choose yourself first.”

“I wake up every day choosing myself first and when I choose myself first I’m more than happy to say yes and comfortable to say no… because it’s hard to say “no”, as a woman who wants to do it all.”

Cervantes who’s married and raising her two kids, Ilan, 4 and Zion, 20 months, projects a type of jovial vitality that automatically draws people in.  She’s often helping fellow mom friends coordinate support groups and she loves to share her childbirth knowledge with other women.

“I feel this fire in me because of everything that I’ve gone through,” she says.

The truth is, life hasn’t always been easy for Cervantes. She began experiencing depression and anxiety at an early age. When she was 26, she suffered a mini-stroke due to stress.

But when she delivered her first child, the experience was so uplifting that she decided she would leave her corporate job as an insurance specialist and train to become a birthing coach.

“I had such a positive experience with my firstborn… I had him naturally. I was just inspired to provide that for other moms,” she recalls. “There’s so many women that aren’t getting that support. Women have the option to birth in a hospital or out of a hospital.”

Cervantes trained for two years to become a birthing coach but as soon as she obtained her certification, she discovered it was not what she wanted to do after all. However, instead of feeling disappointed over the time and investment spent on training, she stands proud and excited for the knowledge she gained.

“I used to feel this was a failure. But now, in the place I am in my life, I realize this was a building block. All of these building blocks are now holding me up to be able to help other moms!”

Photo: Big Nugget, Little Nugget Blog

Photo: Big Nugget, Little Nugget Blog

She embraces spontaneity and attributes her positive approach to her love for being silly and enjoying every moment possible. Whenever she starts feeling a symptom of depression or anxiety, she executes a “karate chop” to fight it off. If she starts feeling overwhelmed, she takes a moment, steps away and does a happy jig. And if you’re lucky, you’ll catch her live-streaming an energizing home workout.

Currently, Cervantes has taken a new marketing job, with Purium health products.

Her recommendation to moms who are feeling overwhelmed with the journey: find support.

“Like the African proverb says, ‘if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to far, go together,’” states Cervantes.  “I want a long-term sustainable life. If I do that for myself, I’m exemplifying it for my children.”

Mommy In Los Angeles® had the pleasure of spending a morning with Jasmin Cervantes in preparation for this article. Her light and energy reminds us that our children are always a reason to keep fighting, without losing focus on ourselves as women.

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Instagram: @LittleNugget_BigNugget

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=3628047

Personal blog: Little Nugget, Big Nugget

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