Rouge Make-Up for Bridesmaids!

By Frances Feldmann, Beauty Contributor, On Location Glam®

The 2017 wedding season is underway and the makeup trend that’s making bridesmaids and wedding guests stand out is a simple red-color based palette for the eyes, cheeks and lips.

I once heard that red lipstick is the single cosmetic item a woman needs to look ‘made up’. That’s because you can use the red color on your lips, smudge a little bit on your cheeks to make them blush and apply it to your eyes to highlight the lids.

This wedding season, we’ve been working with bridal parties and have created variations of similar looks on each bridesmaid. There’s just something really pretty and feminine about pink and red tones for a Bridal Party.  Since pink blush has been increasingly trendy, we took some of those popular pink shades to the eyes. Yes, we’re using blush as eye shadow and it’s giving women everywhere the chance to make a bold statement with soft tones.

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