Disneyland’s Tiny Popcorn Churners

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Meet the Roastie Toasties!

Next time you find yourself enjoying a day at Disneyland and the whiff of buttery popcorn takes you to the nearest popcorn cart, lookout for a tiny personality encased within the wagon.

They are Popcorn Animation Dolls called “Roastie-Toasties” and they range in personalities—from Clowns and Rocketeers to Dapper Dans and Matterhorn Yetis, dating back to 1955.

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Originally labeled “The Cretors” the popcorn wagons were produced by C. Cretors & Co., a manufacturer founded in 1855, which made the carts with clown dolls for Disneyland.

“Eventually the clowns were transformed to match the land in which they performed,”  explained Disneyland Resort Public Relations Manager Shannon Swanson.

You can find a different Roastie Toastie character in each popcorn cart throughout the Park. Some dolls only show up during the holidays like Santa Claus and the Oogie Boogie Man from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

What stays unchanged is the popcorn. Disneyland Resort guests consume more than 190,000 lbs of Orville Redenbacher popcorn annually.

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