Camille Thompson: Dancing Back to Higher Confidence

Camille Thompson / Courtesy: M.O.M. CrewCamille Thompson / Courtesy: M.O.M. Crew

The M.O.M. Crew

When Camille Thompson was struggling through postpartum blues, somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew there was one thing that would help her regain her identity. But she was having a hard time getting the motivation to dance again.

“I gained about 80 pounds during my pregnancy. As we all know, pregnancy can do a real number on us as far as confidence, career dreams, and overall planning,” says Thompson.

Feeling like her self-esteem had vanished with the arrival of her baby, the Dallas mom was trying to refocus and start over.

She had been a dancer most of her life, teaching dance classes at the early age of sixteen. By the time she was eighteen, she was choreographing her first major fashion show for actress Vivica Fox. She was also getting hired to appear in music videos and selected as a Dallas Mavericks dancer.

But with the new responsibility of raising a baby and a sudden lack of confidence, reconnecting with herself as a dancer seemed difficult.

That’s when she came up with the idea of M.O.M. (Mind Over Matter) CREW, a dance group for women of all ages with one thing in common: they’re all moms.


Currently, M.O.M. CREW has 60 active members with varying levels of experience.

“It’s a safe place for mommies to dance during their journey back to higher confidence,” explains Thompson. “There is a place for everyone! We have mommies in their early twenties to our eldest member, Marilyn, who is nearly 70 years old.” 

Currently, M.O.M. CREW has a performance team and a community outreach team. The performance team practices at an advanced level with more demanding choreography while the community outreach team dances too, but without the pressure of learning higher level moves, says Thompson.



In the last few weeks, M.O.M. Crew has kept busy with rehearsals and a couple benefit shows in Texas to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Later this month Thompson’s M.O.M. CREW will be performing in Los Angeles.

The dancing moms will have a show at Exchange LA, located at 618 S. Spring Street in Downtown. The show is scheduled for Sept. 27, at 7pm.

Tickets to watch M.O.M. Crew perform in Los Angeles can be purchased here.

Connect with M.O.M. Crew on Instagram: @MomCrewOfficial

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