Top Ten “Mom” Looks at The 2017 Emmys


Work it, Mama!

By Irene Marquez, Fashion Contributor, Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine

The 2017 Emmy’s Red Carpet saw plenty of color with pops of metallic. It was an agreeable fashion display where celebrities seemed to stay loyal to safer, formal looks. Somewhere deep in my heart though, I yearn for the next Bjork Swan-Dress moment that leaves editors competing to come up with the most clever titles while secretly admiring an artists ‘DGAF’ attitude.

All this to say, I enjoyed seeing famous people gracefully answer that question entertainment reporters ask every single time during a red carpet event: “Who are you wearing?”.

Here are my top 10 “Mom” Looks from the 2017 Emmy Awards. You will notice I don’t mention designers because, well, everyone else is covering that.


1. Sofia Vergara

In her white mermaid gown, the Colombian mom of a young adult son simply showed the world she’s getting younger with age! Personally, I thought the large chandelier earrings weren’t absolutely necessary but they didn’t overkill the look. Muy bella!


2. Jessica Biel

Leading several Metallic looks of the night was none other than Jessica Biel. I loved the layering of sheer and metallic on her gown. Many people criticized her updo but I think it worked well and her blingy thin strap stilettos completed the look. I would have liked her lipstick to match her toenails though. I think a dark burgundy lip would have been fantastic. But the cool mommy of 2-year old Silas generally sticks to natural make-up looks and we don’t mind.


3. Jane Fonda

Can we all bow down to the amazing Jane Fonda!? Her hot pink gown is everything a woman in her golden years needs to wear, to remind the world she’s still that amazing! She also wore diamonds and emeralds that hung down her low-back dress. Plus, the ponytail and fringe… yes, please!


4. Jane Krakowski

The deep V-Neck gown of the 30 Rock Star was in perfect harmony with the gold buckle that stood below the cut. Her look was clean, elegant and the folded long sleeves gave her a little extra fierceness.


5. Nicole Kidman

If you didn’t watch Big Little Lies then you’d never understand why my love for Nicole Kidman has recently burst out of my heart. She’s flawless in her acting and she looked flawless on the red carpet with this bright red A-Line that incorporated a delicate silver beaded hanging dress tie. A human porcelain doll!


6. Reese Witherspoon

I thought Reese’s dress was pretty spectacular despite its simplicity and business-suit influence. The blonde bombshell and Hollywood mom has the perfect height and figure to own this look. Plus, those matching blue velvet pumps alone made me drool a little bit.


7. Kerri Russell

This is exactly what I mean by “feeling a little extra and loving it”. This hot mama had the lace, the feathers, the loose, long hair, the oversized rings and somehow it all came together beautifully.  Kerri, if you’re reading this, send me your stylist’s info. Thank you! Xo.


8. Thandie Newton

Be still my heart. I mean really, how gorgeous is this princess gown? How very delicate does this pretty mama look!? With every single beaded crystal on the tulle layer of the gown, I felt more enchanted by her choice of pink. Plus, her earrings and her rings were total compliments to a lovely ensemble.


9. Padma Lakshmi

The Indian-born Mama who’s also an author, actress and model looked stunning in this watermelon-colored gown with a rounded mermaid pouf. Yes, yes, yes!


10. Viola Davis

I went crazy over Viola’s choice of an orange gown because I thought it was bold and extremely refreshing. She looked fantastic from head-to-toes. Something about the way the dress straps are angled and the waist hem is formed made the dress look impeccable.


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