Taking A Knee During the National Anthem?

Taking A Knee.jpg

President Donald Trump’s most recent spat with NFL and NBA players over National Anthem protests have caused a major reaction on social media.

Trump sympathizers and opponents alike have weighed in on the President’s latest Twitter comments where he takes back a White House invitation to Golden State Warriors Player, Stephen Curry; he calls NFL Games boring; he retweets a message encouraging people to boycott the NFL and he calls for NFL teams to fire or suspend players who refuse to stand during the pregame ceremony where the country’s national anthem is played.

The protests, brought to the limelight by players such as Colin Kaepernick who “take a knee” instead of standing during the anthem as a political statement in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement, have only gained traction after the President’s Twitter messaging.

What do we feel about this? Let’s have a discussion, Mamas!

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