How a British Toy Company Found a Way to Highlight Moms Around the World

Photos: Play Like Mum

Photos: Play Like Mum

Mums of the world

During the month of June, British Toy Company, Play Like Mum, launched a campaign to promote their new toy strollers.

The company’s strategy was to recruit individuals from 56 different countries through online platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and People Per Hour, and have them each share a picture of a mom in their life with a description about her role in the family’s dynamic. 

The end result, labeled “Mums of the World,” turned into a warm collection of photos portraying mothers of all backgrounds, ages and social classes from around the world.

“Despite cultural differences, social and economic inequalities and even episodes of conflict, the mother figure in every single one of our families is nothing short of a hero!,” the company stated on its website.

The pictures are so endearing, they’re likely to encourage viewers to learn more about these moms, rather than the product the company intended to market, which is a pretend toy stroller for kids to play like mom.

Here are the mothers captured around the world for Play Like Mum’s campaign:



North America

South America



The company says daily life may not be the same for these 56 women but their love and dedication to their families is indistinguishable.

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