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Maison de Mini


To meet Urbana Chappa is to meet a radiant and empowered entrepreneur.

The Los Angeles mom of four is a self-described “Renaissance Woman” who balances motherhood, a children’s clothing line, various philanthropic ventures, celebrity styling, and her marriage to a successful music composer, all while staying true to her distinctive style and love of colorful fashion.

“I’m not one to follow trends and I’m not one to follow seasons,” says Chappa proudly.

She leads a busy life but she’s upbeat and encouraging.

“There’s a lot of women that say: ‘I can’t do this’ after having kids. I have four kids…I’m here to tell you, you can!,” she says.


Standing in her home studio, Chappa demonstrates her latest designs for her children’s clothing line, Maison de Mini.

Her most recent fashion undertaking was a result of inspiration she drew from her own kids by researching fabrics that would be gentle on their skin. She sketched the designs based on their love of play and comfort. Maison de Mini became a gentle, eco-friendly, bamboo clothing line.

“This is beyond clothing,” says Chappa. “I want to change the world for kids.”

Leftover scrapings and unused fabrics from the Maison de Mini fashion line are used for headbands, socks, hats and underwear, which are donated to orphanages and homeless shelters. In addition, Chappa donates 10% of all Maison de Mini’s proceeds to charity.

 “I have always been into fashion and once I started having kids, dressing them up was everything,” she adds.



Before Maison de Mini

In 2012, after having her second child, Chappa found herself battling through post-partum depression.

“I just knew something wasn’t right,” she remembers. “I don’t suffer from depression. The thoughts that I was having and how I was feeling about myself was so off.”

She was prescribed anti-depressants and on the first night she took the medication, Chappa experienced one of her most testing moment to date.

Sitting in a bathtub, Chappa found herself contemplating taking her own life. She remembers crying and struggling with dark thoughts before her husband rushed in to help her.

Soon after the episode, Chappa began feeling better. She credits her recovery to prayer and her ambitious approach to launching her first fashion line, Maison de Urbana.

“I picked up a pad and pencil,” recalls Chappa. “The first thing I started to do was sketch. I sketched my first collection and was done in 6 months.”


Soon after her collection was completed, Chappa was invited to New York Fashion Week where it was presented at the Metropolitan. In videos taken of the runway show, a confident Chappa walks out at the end of the show holding her two kids’ hands.

“That collection was about empowering women and having a voice,” she says.

People praised her unique designs, which included a gowns and outfits accompanied by Burqas, as a tribute to her father’s middle eastern roots.

Urbana has her kids' names tattooed, including the name of a young girl named Talia Castellanos who Chappa helped launch a mini fashion line before the young girl passed away due to cancer.

Urbana has her kids’ names tattooed, including the name of a young girl named Talia Castellanos who Chappa helped launch a mini fashion line before the young girl passed away due to cancer.

Chappa’s eye for fashion has landed her jobs on TV, where she’s been hired to dress child actors for such shows as Netflix’s Jane the Virgin.

Next on her agenda? A children’s book and multiple other projects including a shot at recording a single.

“I’m a mom of four who gave up her dreams so her husband can complete his” says Chappa who was a backup vocalist before meeting her husband.

“Now it’s all going full circle. I’m not perfect but I want to try hard and make a difference.”


Tips from Boss Mom Urbana Chappa


Nurture Your Child’s Unique Identity

Each child has their own unique identity. Avoid comparing yourself to other mom’s and their parenting styles and remember each child has different needs. Plan individual dates or excursions with each of your children. It can as simple as going for froyo and a chat or giving a child the woman/man of the house responsibilities so they feel important.

Create Memories and Traditions

Have daily traditions, whether it’s potty training, a meal together or bedtime stories. It doesn’t need to be grand, these simple things create connection and a sense of stability and support.

Make Me Time

Nurture your interests and passions outside of parenting. Set aside time to focus on what you enjoyed before having children. When we are emotionally exhausted we can’t give our kids the attention we want to, making us feel guilty and creating a shame cycle. Take some guilt-free time to yourself and remember time spent playing alone can help build children’s creativity and imagination.

Keep it Consistent

Be hands on, structured and organized. Incorporate simple things into a regular routine like making breakfast or taking or picking them up from school.

Incorporate Lessons

Recently I’ve been going out on date nights with my 7 year old son. Teaching him to open and close doors, bring flowers from our garden, be respectful and kind. We have so much fun talking. Put down the phone and teach your children the art of conversation. Being mindful and present sets the example for children to follow suit


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Maison de Mini

Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine had the pleasure of spending an afternoon interviewing Urbana Chappa and learning about her journey. She has mastered the art of weaving motherhood and personal projects in a way that is admirable and inspiring. We thank Urbana for welcoming us into her beautiful home and wish her much success. Every Mom Has A Story.

Photography: Frances Feldmann

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