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Stephani Salcido has been a stylist for over a decade. Three years ago, she decided to step up her  craft and business skills, and opened her own salon. The South Pasadena mommy-to-be is expecting her first child in early March, a baby boy who she plans to name Michael Leonardo.

Before getting married a year ago, Stephani was an avid traveler who would pack her bags to attend as many major music festivals around the country as possible.

“I was the music festival queen!,” she says. “I went to so many…I love music & dancing!”

Stephani got married last year and credits her husband with being a very supportive person during her pregnancy, especially in dealing with her diagnosis of gestational diabetes.

The discovery of her condition was such a shocking realization that Stephani decided to launch her own blog, Mama Set Go

“My goal of starting my own blog is to relate to other mothers and inspire other women through my personal experiences. (It is all very new to me still),” says Stephani.

You rock, Mama! Thanks for opening up to us and sharing your experiences. We look forward to seeing your blog and business continue to grow!


What inspired you to become a blogger?

The biggest thing that inspired me to blog as cheesy as this may sound is simply my life. I have had a colorful, crazy, and action packed life! My hopes in starting the blog really hit (when I actually took the leap in starting it) when I was starting my third trimester. Everything was smooth sailing up until I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I really felt it was time for me to share my story and who I was up until this point. 


What is your proudest Mommy Blogger Moment?

Since I am so new to all this my proudest mommy blogger moment would be just simply seeing how many views I have been starting to get as well as what countries had engaged. It makes me feel good that I am able to share my story and have it read and understood the way I was hoping!


What’s your favorite LA hang out?

My favorite LA hangout is a little place in Pasadena called Conrad’s. It’s a super old diner w/ bar area that I’ve been coming to since I started dating my husband. (They have great oatmeal pancakes! Lake cakes).


 Where do you anticipate you’ll be visiting often (in LA) with your baby?

Once baby is here I think we will definitely be regulars at the local museums and of course the beach!


What’s the best motherhood advice you’ve received?

The best advice I have received as a soon to be mother has been to trust my instincts and always go with my gut/intuition to parent and make the best decisions no matter what others may tell me.


Connect with Stephani!

Instagram: @Mama.Set.Go

Twitter: @Mamasetgo



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