Our Favorite Brands (owned/operated by moms) at the Indie Beauty Expo



Nearly 150 independently owned skin and beauty companies assembled at Downtown LA’s California Market Center over a span of two days this week. They were there for the Indie Beauty Expo.

Among them, brands that promote everything from black toothpaste made out of activated charcoal, dandelion moisturizer and hemp infused skincare to glitzy gloves that polish jewelry and foundation that adapts to weather.

We searched the expo hall for one-of-a-kind brands and some of our favorite products turned out to be owned or managed by moms, many of whom live in Los Angeles.

Here are the mom-owned/operated brands and products we kinda’ already can’t live without:


DOPE Naturally


The mom behind this Ingestible beauty and wellness product, Silwia Wiesemberg, uses a philosophy that resonates quite well— “We believe the kitchen counter is your beauty counter,” she says.

DOPE Naturally is a plant-based, energy superfood blend that comes in a variety of flavors, which can be added to meals and drinks. The brand promotes the idea that topical skincare is not enough.

“Food is the most powerful drug to make you feel and look good. That’s why we call it ‘Dope Naturally,” says Wiesemberg who lives in New York and has two daughters. The brand is legitimately dope. | www.DopeNaturally.com




The original 3-in-1 portable razor couldn’t be any more practical! Created and developed by Laila K, from Los Angeles (who’s currently expecting her first baby), Sphynx has arrived to save us all from that dreaded close look at our leg when we realize we forgot to shave a spot as we rushed out of the shower to get the kids ready.

The bright colored disc fits in a purse and includes a small, refillable spray bottle, a pre-shave bar (that won’t melt in your car), and a single-blade razor. Each of the components are accessible with a simple twist and click. Thanks for inventing this, Laila! | www.ShopSphynx.com




We finally found a great beauty line for tweens and teens! This one is toxin-free, fragrance-free and made with organic ingredients.

We were so pleased to learn about C’EST MOI because as Vice President of Marketing and local mom Jennifer Saul explained it, “Nobody is thoughtfully and effectively formulating for this age group right now and this is (the age) when young women start to use products.”

Plus, the brand features a fun color collection that offers a neutral palette with pops of color so that young girls feel like they can express themselves. We Love it! | www.CestMoi.com




When the founder of Dermaflash, an Illinois-based mom who once worked at a skincare salon, realized that most of her clients were returning for exfoliation appointments, she decided to create a device that would allow women to exfoliate at home.

The result? A uniquely shaped, at-home sonic dermaplaning device that exfoliates and removes fine facial hair. The company’s general manager, Samantha Murphy, (who’s also a mom) says Dermaflash’s double-sided, single-use edges will painlessly remove debris and peach fuzz. “It was made by a woman for all women, regardless of your skin tone, type or ethnicity,” says Murphy. | www.Dermaflash.com


The Makeup Mitty


Originally developed as a product to help clean and wash her child’s sensitive skin, the Makeup Mitty’s founder, Amanda McIntosh has since evolved her creation into a gentle, versatile, non-shedding face cleansing make-up mitt shaped like a tear drop. The rounded end helps wipe larger surfaces while the pointed end, aka the Detailer, helps clean hard-to-reach corners and can even be used on lash extensions.

“The Mitty is the washcloth– reinvented!,” says McIntosh.

It’s so soft, you may actually enjoy taking off your makeup more than applying it!  | www.TheMakeupMitty.com


the SAGe lifestyle


This beautifully designed line of fragrances, fragrance holders and other elegant items, is almost as pretty and refreshing as the mom behind the brand. Inspired by the healing energy of gemstones, Sage Machado’s perfumes are exquisite. She’s a jewelry designer, perfumer, boutique owner and artist who has traveled the world for inspiration. Among our favorites on display at the Indie Beauty Expo, delicate gemstone perfume oil necklaces and rose quartz perfume bottles. The diamond fragrance is pure perfection. We want everything! | www.TheSageLifestyle.com


New Heights Naturals


We couldn’t possibly leave the expo without getting to know the mom who’s taking natural skincare for kids to new heights! Stephanie McGraw traveled from Houston with her mom (we loved them both) and gave us the scoop on her company. Turns out, while on maternity leave with her second baby and after feeling frustrated over a lack of effective organic skincare products for her firstborn son, she decided to create her own. New Heights Naturals is famous for its Very Vanilla Scented Sunscreen Stick, which contains zero toxic ingredients and can be layered several times without piling or getting cakey. “I grew up in the natural products industry so I’ve kinda maintained that commitment in my own household,” says bossmom McGraw. We dig! | www.NewHeightsNaturals.com


Other Great Products!

Many other brands stood out during our visit to the Indie Beauty Expo. While we couldn’t cover every product that caught our attention, we did stop and chat with several friendly brand owners and reps and here are a few other items that made us swoon. Their founders may not be moms but we love them just as much!


The Vanity Project


When Kimberly Walker moved to wine country from Los Angeles, she fell in love with the rich and tasty wines of our beloved Golden State. But one thing she didn’t love was that sneaky little purple stain that makes an appearance and covers our pearly whites after having a few sips. She came up with an idea to make Wine Wipes, which are moist towelettes specifically designed to clean teeth after a glass of Merlot… or Cabernet…or Malbec…you get the point.

Sold at Total Wine stores nationwide and through her company online at TheVanityProject.com, Wine Wipes are only one of many other clever hacks for the busy woman.




If spending childhood summers in the Middle East enjoying their grandmother’s spicy food wasn’t enough, the Persian brother and sister duo behind Joon also had their grandfather to serve them with inspo. While grandma cooked with saffron, grandpa had a business exporting the spice to Europe.

Today, siblings Shiva and Kayvon Tavakoli are carrying that legacy with Joon, a unique hair oil made with pistachio and rose, that detangles, defrizzes, protects, shines, moisturizes and pretty much gives your hair a boost of richness. Each bottle contains saffron which is used to strengthen hair.

The word Joon means “my dearest” in Farzi and we’re obsessed!

It’s truly a fantastic elixir. Joon know what I mean? | www.JoonHairCare.com



IMG_3324 2.jpg

It takes a special kind of person to come up with a beauty line that’s so magical, you may actually feel balanced after using it. The young creatress behind KAILO says all products are made ceremoniously in small batches. KAILO is an organic chakra therapy skincare brand from Colorado that includes body butters, body oils and essences intended to enhance the flow of prana (energy) through a person’s body. All KAILO products are infused with a synergy of aromatherapy designed to balance the chakras. We cannot get enough! | www.kailo-wellness.com




When Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer’s mom got skin cancer, she left her practice to care for her mother. From that experience came a desire to work on a skincare line that would help detoxify and cleanse a woman’s skin. She created Schique with a special formula that includes dandelion.

“It’s a huge detoxifier for the skin,” explains Dr. Schaffer. “Our skin is our largest organ so we hold a lot of toxins in. Our key ingredient is rooted from the dandelion… it can help and clear out the skin in a natural way.”

Our favorite is the Hydra Glisten revitalizing mist (in a gorgeous glass bottle) that refreshes and brightens the skin. Amazing! | www.Schique.com


For more on these brands and to meet some of their founders, watch our Indie Beauty Expo video coverage here:

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