Finally a Stylish Wrap Designed with Breastfeeding Moms in Mind


‘No More Panda or Floral prints’

Cocoon is a fashionable and versatile wrap designed to transform into six gorgeous and essential mom accessories.

Amma launches its Kickstarter campaign for the Cocoon, a versatile wrap that makes momlife (including breastfeeding and pumping) easy and chic.

Almost all breastfeeding wraps, stroller covers and baby blankets are stored in a diaper bag until needed — often times they fall off, are poorly made and not breathable.

With Cocoon, mothers simply wear the gorgeous wrap as part of their outfit, which has been designed to transform into six necessary accessories (scarf, baby blanket, stroller cover, cape because after all, moms are superheroes!, a pumping cover and a chic breastfeeding wrap).

“I had so many aspirations on who and what I wanted to be and look like as a mom, I just assumed there would be so many gorgeous options to choose from…the truth is the mama market is flooded with pandas and floral prints, which didn’t fit my style,” said AMMA co-founder Satya Twena. “I wanted to keep my hip premama style and wear things that were functional enough to keep up with my new, busy mom life.”

The Cocoon was designed to be worn by all types of moms. “We reverse engineered the product by first finding out what features we (and other moms) needed and wanted. Then we designed it to be stylish enough to be worn to a premier and comfortable enough to wear to the park,” said Co-founder Emily Baldoni.

Cocoon is available in four colors that make it easy to pair with any outfit. Its proprietary lightweight knit allows for the baby to see out, while others are not able to see through. The breathable knit also helps ensure babies will not overheat. Cocoon is knitted in the United States in cotton (sourced in Hickory, North Carolina) and designed to have zero waste, making it environmentally friendly.

Cocoon is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter starting at $69. For more information about Cocoon or to preorder a wrap, visit:

For more information about Amma, visit .

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