L.A. Mom Launches a Superfood Cosmetic line that we already can’t live without


Live your Yen with YENSA’s Essential Glow Primer

By Frances Marquez, Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine Beauty Contributor and Founder, On Location Glam

Can you imagine a cosmetic line made with the best natural ingredients available? Well, it exists and L.A. Mom, Jennifer Yen is responsible for bringing us the newly launched YENSA.

Recently, a few beauty writers (myself included) were invited to learn about the first item from YENSA to hit the market. The Tone Up Essential Glow Primer by YENSA made its debut and everything about it is worth trying.

The product is infused with 8 Superfoods: black sesame oil, black seaweed, black tea, shitake mushroom, black rice, Korean black raspberry, nettle and chia seeds. It’s like a delicious lunch meal blended into a small tube to give our skin the smoothest base before applying make-up!

Jennifer, who’s the founder of Purlisse Skincare, made it a point to include the 8 super foods in her latest cosmetics line, a venture that was fueled by the belief that “outer beauty mirrors inner health.”

She shared that generations of women in her family have lived by that principle and after struggling with bad skin during her years as an actress, working on set with heavy makeup for long hours, she found a way to nourish her health and restore her complexion by remembering her family’s approach to beauty. She applied the wisdom to Purlisse Skincare and she’s implementing the same principle to YENSA.

We tried YENSA’s new Tone Up Essential Glow Primer and loved its thick and creamy consistency. It evens the skin by leaving a smooth base, for flawless makeup application. It also gives your face a natural glow while adding moisture and minimizing the appearance of pores. 

The new makeup line, which you can explore at www.YENSA.com offers the Tone Up Essential Glow Primer for only $15. I think the pricing is very reasonable considering it offers us a chance to wear healthy and beautiful-looking skin all. day. long.

For more information about this SUPERFOOD product, visit: www.YENSA.com

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