5 Most Frequently Returned Gifts


Don’t Get Re-gifted!

Black Friday is packed full of deals, some too good to pass up (or so we think)!

But before you put on your bargain-hunting hat to gobble up post-Thanksgiving deals, take note: the retail return experts at B-Stock sifted through piles of returned presents and data from nine of the top 10 retailers (including Amazon, Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Home Depot, Lowe’s and others) and have released the “5 Most Frequently Returned Gifts.”

So, before you buy your spouse that crockpot, see below and make sure your hard-earned money doesn’t get re-gifted, returned, or sit collecting dust; the top flops include:

  • Women’s Trendy Apparel: Shirts with ruffle overload and sleeve cutouts are a definite gift – DON’T. Same goes for bedazzled booties.  

  • Specialty Kitchen Items: You might be sending your significant other the wrong message by getting them a crockpot (hello, anyone watch “This Is Us”?). Also, leave the espresso maker where it belongs, in someone else’s kitchen.

  • Lego Sets: Any parent knows that picking up up hundreds of tiny lego pieces totally blows. End of story.

  • Small Hand Tools: Could there be anything more boring than a tape measure? I mean, unless it’s personalized with a monogram and favorite colors, it’s probably going back to the hardware store. Note: tape measures have made the list for two years running.

  • Dolls (the creepy lifelike ones): You know, the ones that blink and crawl and do the potty dance. Little girls around the world have spoken: they’d rather play with trucks.

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