WildAid & Hollywood Celebrities Back Children’s Book Franchise


Inspirational Book Launch Event

A new series of books, films, cartoons, and video games titled Haibu was debuted in Brentwood recently introducing the first installment of the children’s book series.

Haibu: Lost in New York is a book about a strong independent young woman that sets out to end wild animal cruelty, one adventure at a time. On Tuesday, author and Film Director Blake Freeman held a private celebrity event at the Baltaire Restaurant to celebrate its launch.


“Our mission is to inspire children to be adventurous, help the cause of animals, and make the world a better place by living courageously and overcoming challenges. We teach kids the value of kindness and the importance animals play in the world,” shared Freeman.

Haibu is the main character in the series, and an ambassador between animals and people. She is a smart, compassionate, and motivated 10-year-old who overcomes adversity and saves animals from exploitation during her journey. Haibu is fun, positive, and original content for kids and parents and is a Mom’s Choice Award-winning provider of family entertainment products.

In partnership with WildAid, one of the world’s largest non-profit organizations, Haibu’s goal is to save animals by promoting improved awareness of animal conservation. WildAid’s programs influence consumers to avoid purchasing products such as ivory, rhino horn, and shark fin that support the multi-billion-dollar animal trafficking industry.


The vision for Haibu was sparked by Freeman, actor, director, writer, and producer of film and television. He wrote, directed, and starred in three feature films, with his most recent releases on Netflix and Amazon Prime. The project is managed by some of the entertainment industry’s most accomplished professionals, with support by to-be-announced celebrities.

Accompanying the book release, an online entertainment portal offers games with Haibu and friends, educational videos, printable activity sheets, and to-be-released content including comics, educational mobile games, and interactive learning games. Haibu has an engaging and informative presence on many social platforms including Instagram and is a trusted source of youth content on YouTube.

Haibu is confirmed for an upcoming appearance on the Today Show, as well as Sid the Science Kid in the first quarter of next year. Scheduled releases in 2019-2020 include a line of toys, a mobile game release, a 26-episode animated series, and feature films.

Haibu: Lost in New York is currently available for purchase on Amazon. With global publishing by Ingram, the paperback edition will hit major stores in March, followed by a hardcover picture book arriving next fall.

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