Yoga for Mom & Fun for Kids at Culver City’s New ‘The Parallel Method’


The Parallel Method


 By Annette Uribe, Mommy In Los Angeles Magazine Fitness Contributor & Owner, Healthy Vida for Mom

Attention L.A. Parents— If you love the outdoors, I’ve found the place where you can get your zen on!

The Mommy In Los Angeles Magazine staff was invited to experience a private yoga session at The Parallel Method, a new, one-of-a-kind yoga class service for moms who need a workout and also need a break from their kids (childcare service is provided).

Nestled in the hills of Culver City, the Parallel Method was recently launched by L.A. Mommy, Angie Poston, in conjunction with the Stoneview Nature Center. By the way, the Stoneview Nature Center not only provides lush landscaping for the perfect outdoor yoga vibe, it also offers an awesome view of Los Angeles!

During our yoga class with instructor Amity Rose, we de-stressed while our little ones played and engaged in sensory activities and arts and crafts, indoors. All children ages 3-7 are welcome!

The 60-minute class was perfect, allowing us to indulge in proper self-care. The scenery at Stoneview Nature Center is simply beautiful and the environment is so peaceful. We really enjoyed our outdoor yoga and much needed meditation session!

Besides yoga classes for adults, classes for kids are also available. The Parallel Method incorporates the Wondertree Kids Art curriculum which allows children to create art through play. The “Messy Art” curriculum is inspired and guided by research in child development so that the activities for the children entertain and enrich their brains, bodies, and hearts while they build school readiness skills.

Angie Poston, Founder & CEO, The Parallel Method in Culver City.

Angie Poston, Founder & CEO, The Parallel Method in Culver City.

There is also Baila Baila’s Play & Learn Solito class for the little ones. This class is designed to introduce children to a structured/play-based activity within a total Spanish-language immersion environment. Overall, the children’s program’s objective is to develop fine and gross motor skills through sensory activities.

For parents, I recommend The Magic Hour Yoga, a 60 minute flow-style class that helps balance the get it all done drive with the need to ‘chill out’ that we must all obey. You will be guided through a brief meditation, followed by a curated series of various standing poses and Sun Salutations designed to warm and energize the body.  

And if I may suggest another class for parents— try Mindful Flow. In this moderately-paced class, you will sync your breathing with movement while building strength and stamina…all in honor of your own beautiful rhythm that will hopefully result in a balanced mind body practice.

Check out the Parallel Method!

Visit and a complimentary first class with code: FIRSTFREE!



Stoneview Nature Center

5950 Stoneview Drive

Culver City, CA 90232



11am — 12:30pm Saturdays

3pm — 4:30pm Saturdays




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