Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (With Kids)


Make it About Love and Have Fun!


By Susana Marquez, Mommy In Los Angeles® Wellness Contributor, MFT & Founder, Me, Myself n Mommy

February rolled around and couples are getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Some are planning their surprises for tomorrow and hinting what gift they want to their significant other. Restaurant reservations are being booked, flower arrangements are being ordered, jewelry is being purchased and romantic weekend getaways are underway.

So here’s the deal: We are mothers. Picking up to go out and celebrate is not as easy as it used to be. We have to look for babysitters with plenty of notice in order to enjoy the day. At the same time, we must have a second plan in case the first babysitter cancels. We also have to remember to make reservations and to top it all off, we’re also putting together goodie bags and making treats for our kids’ classmates at school. In essence, Valentine’s Day is looking quite different and plans may need to be adjusted in order to incorporate our little ones.

Here are 5 ideas you can try this Valentine’s Day with your significant other and kiddos:

1. PREPARE A PICNIC: forget making reservation at a fancy restaurant or having to wait for hours for your food to be served. Plan a picnic with your loved one and child either in your backyard, a park, garden or beach. Prepare a picnic basket with kid friendly snacks, some wine or bubbly and make heart-shaped sandwiches.

2. MAKE VALENTINE’S DAY DECORATIONS: Forget the gift buying or expensive purchases for your loved one. Go to your nearest craft store, like Target or Michael’s and pick up some fun items to decorate the house. Sit down with your little ones and make Valentines Day cards, create fun crafts or home decorations, such as picture frames or love baskets for friends and family and include items such as candles or other self-care treats.

3. HAVE A VALENTINE’S DAY SCAVENGER HUNT: Hide heart-shaped cards with cute messages on them, create a list and engage in a family game. See who is able to find all items on the list and make sure to have a final prize winner. Engage your child in preparing for this hunt and surprise your loved one with this fun game.

4. WATCH A MOVIE UNDER THE STARS: if you have a backyard and can use a projector pick a nice family movie and make some popcorn. Adults can bring out the bubbly or wine and pick a fun valentine snack, cupcake or donuts. Have a big blanket and enjoy a lovable family night.

5. BOOK A GETAWAY WEEKEND: So it won’t be much of a “romantic” weekend but if you choose a destination where the kiddos can enjoy running around, you can relax with adult beverages.

Valentine’s Day may bring back memories of the days we used to spend with our loved ones or single girlfriends but as mothers, it may be better to incorporate the little ones. Whatever you decide to do, have fun and remember it’s also a teachable moment for our children. Teaching them how to show affection, how to love, care for others, and be empathetic is a daily job but it can also be a fun one.

Feel Empowered. Feel Strong. Feel Validated Mamas.

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