Mom Blogger Monday: Tyler E. Johnson

Photo: Bonafide Moms SpotPhoto: Bonafide Moms Spot


Perhaps it was Tyler Johnson’s blog post titled “Moment of Blogging Honesty” that made us fall in love with her realness. She had only been blogging for about two months when she took a moment from her day write this:

“I am still getting used to the fact that I now have another social media platform that’s so much bigger than me. Ive always aspired to be her…woman who is queen, she’s about her business, she’s Mother, goddess, creator, protector in all aspects of life. And guess what … I am her!”

The energy and confidence from the brief and powerful blog post made us reach out to Tyler to learn more about her. 

Turns out this LA mom of 4-year-old Taite William and 8-month-old Nova Lynn, works full-time at Cedar’s Sinai Medical Center. She took five months of maternity leave after the arrival of her daughter, created her blog, The Bonafide Moms Spot, and took her readers along for the journey. So far that journey has included recovering from postpartum depression, dealing with the dreaded return to work– which actually went quite well for her– and a public letter to society about the judgement cast on breastfeeding mothers.

When Tyler manages to have alone time (she credits her significant other for helping with the kids), she paints too.

“My newest way to express my creativity has been painting,” says Tyler. “I blast my tunes and let my imagination run wild with no direction or restrictions. I usually end up painting colorful affirmations even if that’s not my initial intention.”

You rock, Mama! We thank you for opening up about motherhood and allowing us to connect with you. We can’t wait to see your blog continue to grow!


What inspired you to become a blogger?

My biggest inspiration to become a blogger derived from my postpartum depression journey. After traveling back and forth from OB/GYN and psychiatry appointments I realized there had to be other moms that felt as I did, or even better, other moms who went through and conquered postpartum depression and could help those of us who were literally fighting for life and love. I began to dig deeper doing my research and entertained the idea of being a blogger. I felt like God was pushing me to take the leap. Every time I turned around I was seeing information about blogging and more significantly I could not get the thought of how The Bonafide Moms Spot could help so many mommies out of my head. The more I pondered on the thought of blogging the more motivation I gained to do it. Finally, I realized and truly believe that my sole purpose in life is to advocate for moms. The Bonafide Moms Spot blog has helped me begin to fulfill my purpose in life and there is absolutely nothing more inspiring and fulfilling than that. 


What is your proudest mommy blogger moment? 

Without shadow of doubt my proudest mommy blogger moment is in fact a reoccurring one. I have received so many personal messages, comments, texts, and even calls from mommies-to-be and seasoned mommies asking for my opinion. This literally makes my heart sing and makes me so proud because I underestimate the power of self and my light sometimes. When mommies put their trust in me and look to me for help I make sure I always come through for them. My Bonafide mommies make blogging more than I ever could have imagined it would be. 

Photo: Bonafide Moms Spot

Photo: Bonafide Moms Spot


What’s your favorite LA hang out with the kids?

My fav LA hangout with my babe’s has to be The Grove. Its free on the days I want it to be. It’s absolutely beautiful and my kids love the dancing water fountain there. On the days, I want to splurge a little bit we can shop, eat, and even watch a movie. It’s a one stop shop for both me and the babes. 


What’s your favorite place in LA without the kids?

Surprisingly, I do not have a fav adult hang out spot! I always have my babies and when I get a moment to myself I rather lay in bed then hang out. However, I am looking for some spots to have a good time out at as I wish to expand my social life. I am open to all suggestions and even new mommy friends. Hit me up mommies lol! 


What’s your best motherhood advice? 

The best advice I could ever give to any mom comes down to one thing which would be to know and understand that there is always room for growth. As a mother (or parent in general) the best thing we can do is always allow ourselves to glow and grow. Growth should be everlasting. Growth is where we learn from our mistakes and make the necessary adjustments to fit our needs and the needs our little ones. In addition to always allowing yourself to grow as mom, grow with your baby or babies as well. They teach us so much about life, self, and love. Those lesson are always changing and repeating themselves. Every time they are presented the lesson grows bigger and bigger for both you and your little one. Help each other grow on this journey called life, the bond you share will only become more and more indestructible. Trust the process and allow it to happen naturally.


Photo: Bonafide Moms Spot

Photo: Bonafide Moms Spot

Connect with Tyler!

Instagram: @BonafideMomsSpot & @TylerBeth_J



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