Ministry of Tomorrow Sponsors Nairobi’s “COCO CHANEL”

Photo: Ministry of Tomorrow

Photo: Ministry of Tomorrow

Eco-Factory GM Granted Ownership on International Women’s Day

Eco-fashion House, The Ministry of Tomorrow (MOT) announced today that it has assigned complete ownership of its Nairobi production facility to Michelle Gertrude Aricha aka “Coco Chanel” who has been the facilities General Manager and lead designer for the past 4 years.

MOT’s flagship production facility is located in Nairobi, Kenya just outside of Kibera, one of Africa’s largest slums. This MOT-built facility sponsors skilled tailors who are recruited from within Kibera to make designer unisex bags, creating sustainable livelihoods for its employees.

As Woman’s Empowerment is a core MOT objective, MOT recruited Michelle to manage its Nairobi eco-factory that produces vegan luxury bags exclusively for the company.

“We planned from the start that Michelle would one day own the facility. The day has come. With production and quality milestones achieved, ownership of the Nairobi facility was fittingly transferred to Michelle today on International Women’s Day 2018”, said MOT founder and president Julian Prolman.

Michelle will continue to oversee all aspects of design and production and assure employees are paid fair wages, receive bonuses based on quality production and are able to work in a safe, comfortable, and clean environment. The facility will remain an exclusive production source of luxury vegan bags for MOT.

“I am proud to be a business owner today and am determined to follow in the footsteps of Coco Chanel, to became a successful fashion designer and businesswoman in the eco-fashion arena. I am most grateful for the opportunity that MOT has provided me and everyone at the factory” said Michelle “Coco Chanel” Aricha.

About the Ministry of Tomorrow

The Ministry of Tomorrow (MOT), headquartered in Los Angeles, CA is a for-profit social enterprise that designs and produces high-quality, eco-luxury, vegan accessories and garments and markets direct to consumers at

The purchase of MOT products enables sustainable development by providing income generating opportunities for people in marginalized places of the world.

MOT represents a new frontier for a way of doing business based on love for all and the notion of responsible commerce.

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