Tolani Collaborates with Nicky Hilton


Nicky Hilton x Tolani

Women’s ready-to-wear brand, Tolani teamed up with long-time customer Nicky Hilton for an exclusive “mommy and me” Spring ‘18 capsule collection. 

The limited-edition collection was presented during a trunk show at Kitson Kitross in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

Nicky Hilton x Tolani features 20 pieces, all 100% silk, in both women’s and girls’ sizing that range in price from $89-$139 for girls and $175-$275 for women’s, including tops, shorts, and dresses.

Hilton, known as an American fashion designer, socialite, philanthropist, and mother has been spotted wearing Tolani often.

“I’ve been wearing Tolani for years,” says Hilton.

“I’m a huge fan of the brand. I love all their bohemian designs – it’s stylish, it’s comfortable and cool. Whenever I travel my suitcase is full of Tolani pieces.”

Founder and designer of the culturally-inspired fashion, Alka Tolani says, “Nicky has always been an inspiration for Tolani, a globally-cultured brand. She knows how to perfectly mix colors and prints while remaining chic and elegant. Recently, with the birth of Lily-Grace, we now see her juggling mommyhood with this same grace; the idea of a matching ‘mommy and me’ collection made sense.”

Hilton was equally excited to work on this capsule. “This collection is very special to me because it’s a way for me to connect with my daughter through fashion.”

Together, Nicky and Alka worked to create new silhouettes for the collection while also building upon some of Hilton’s favorites.


“I have been extremely involved in the design process and helping to develop each custom print” says Hilton. “I take my inspiration from everywhere- from the tableware in my home to the photos on my phone and architecture from my travels. I brought them all together to develop these really fun, unique prints for this capsule.”

Because of skilled printing capabilities, the Tolani team is able to produce hundreds of prints under Nicky and Alka’s direction. After each print was selected, the prints were further designed and tailored to uniquely fit each silhouette.

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