Z-Bini Kidz in South Bay is for Babies, Toddlers and Moms


Unique Class Offerings for Kids & Caretakers

When Karina Godoy started her business, she wanted to fill a gap in early childhood education.

Godoy opened Z-Bini Kidz with two very strong beliefs: that there’s something amazing about seeing a child learn and that there is no limit to learning. Her business, located in the South Bay Galleria, focuses on having a well-rounded education.

Before opening Z-Bini Kidz, she remembers exploring other centers but never finding one that offered the wide array of classes she felt would meet a diverse demand.

“You could find a place that either taught tutoring and academic classes or music and dance. You couldn’t find a place that taught all!,” says Godoy.

Z-Bini Kidz became the first storefront that taught Zumbini, a music and movement class for children ages 0 to 4 and their parents, created by the BabyFirst channel and the team behind Zumba.

Zumbini in intended to teach kids about movement and fine and gross motor skill development. It also aims at teaching cultural awareness through English and Spanish-language music. And most importantly for Godoy Zumbini teaches children and their parents to bond. 


“We’ve seen so much growth from our Zumbini classes, but we wanted to do more,” says Godoy. “We believe that learning is unlimited and when parents started approaching us asking for more classes for more of their children’s interests, we knew what to do.”

Outside of Zumbini, there are three additional class offerings at Z-Bini Kids. Those include:


Lil’ Engineer Class

Encouraging little scientists to explore the world, experiment, and create something new.

Spanish Class

Focusing on the fact that the younger a child starts learning a language, the more likely they are to develop stronger language skills as they get older.

Stretch and Play Class

All about giving the caregivers a break! The center hires instructors who go in to help the parents or caregivers relax and stretch, while they watch the kids in a separate play zone.


“In a way, it’s still continuing our mission of a well-rounded education by helping the caregivers relearn to take some time for themselves again,” says Godoy.  “We consider Z-Bini Kidz to be a community and, as a community, we’re here to support all of our members, from the kids to the parents to the grandparents!”

For more information, visit the Z-Bini Kidz website.

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