#Hey Sports Parents! Helps Moms Win at Kids Sports by Avoiding Classic Mistakes


The Experts Speak Out

With nice weather popping up all over the country, kids sports are in high gear as little league, soccer, softball and lacrosse fields fill with young players and their parents.

Of course, that also means that tempers will flare, adults will behave badly, kids will get less field time than they would like and there will be injuries to egos and bodies. It’s good timing for #Hey Sports Parents!, a new book by professional athlete and coach Sharkie Zartman and sports doctor Robert A. Weil that aims to ensure that children get the most from the sports they participate in with fewer injuries and the right support from Moms and Dads.

“Sports parenting is easier said than done. It’s difficult to watch our kids play a sport and not have any control over the outcome. And it’s challenging to stay calm and supportive while helping our kids navigate the terrain of choices available to them. However, if done properly, this experience can be very rewarding,” Weil and Zartman write.

The book has four sections:

Sporting Parenting

discusses the benefits of youth sports, the pitfalls and risks, how to find the best program for your child, parental roles and responsibilities, parental coaching, nutrition, how to help your child through the college recruiting process, and stress management for parents. 

The Sports Doctor Is In

Dr. Weil covers keeping your child safe, youth sports and drugs, choosing the best shoes for your athlete, orthotics, prodigy sports, and the very real risks of contact sports for kids. 

The Experts Speak Out

In this section, Dr. Denise McDermott shares the connection of youth athletes and mind medicine; Dr. Steve Horwitz examines youth sports safety, Ian Goldberg, the creator of Isport360, discusses the behavior of sports parents on the sidelines; and Dr. Holly Benjamin and Dr. Claire Gross discuss youth concussions and sports.     

Parent Perspectives

Offers inspiration and insights from real parents on the challenges and sacrifices they made for their child to reach the top level of their sport.  

About the authors

Sharkie Zartman, B.S., M.S, is a professor, certified holistic health coach, radio host and a No. 1 bestselling author. She was a member of the USA national volleyball team and a champion competitor at UCLA, where her jersey was retired. Dr. Robert A. Weil is a sports podiatrist who has treated many of the world’s premier athletes in a wide variety of sports. He is the host of The Sports Doctor™ Radio Show and has written many articles for newspapers and magazines on sports parenting.

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