This May, Angelina Spicer and TheBlueDotProject Are Asking Moms to #GetReal


#RealMotherhood 5-Day Challenge

The Blue Dot, together with celebrity spokesperson Angelina Spicer is announcing its 2018 campaign theme, the 5-Day #RealMotherhood Challenge. The campaign will run from April 30th to May 4th.

The #RealMotherhood campaign will feature daily memes about the realities and false expectations of motherhood.

“We need to lift the veil that the perfect mom exists.  #RealMotherhood is hard.  We should not be afraid to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly,” says Angelina Spicer, comedian and celebrity spokesperson whose work will also be featured during the campaign.

Mothers are invited to join the 5-Day Challenge and share daily real motherhood photos and messages to social media with the campaign hashtag, #RealMotherhood.

“We want to challenge mothers to be truly unfiltered, complete with challenges like stacks of laundry, inability to breastfeed, tantrums, difficult births, and drive-thrus,” said Maureen Fura from the TheBlueDotProject.

With the prevalence of women suffering from maternal mental health disorders like postpartum depression as high as 1 in 5, getting real about motherhood is critical to both potentially prevent these disorders by helping to set realistic expectations, and in letting women who are suffering know it’s time to get real and talk about depression and anxiety in motherhood.    

Organizations can also proactively sign up as partners at to share daily messages.  

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week is being sponsored by Sage Therapeutics. 

“At Sage we are proud supporters of TheBlueDotProject and the mission raise awareness and lift stigma and shame associated with postpartum depression for mothers and those who love them,” says Marjorie Stewart-Hart, Head of Patient Advocacy at Sage Therapeutics.

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