Wealth Expert to Host Luxury ‘Think Tank’ For Aspiring Millionaire Moms

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Attend the Millionairess Club Think Tank

When it comes to tracking dollars, few people can make sense of the restless financial market, let alone turn a profit. But nationally recognized financial expert and television personality, Dr. Jewel Tankard has mastered the art of generating revenue no matter the current economy or surrounding hardships.

Tankard, who founded the Millionairess Club, has partnered with renowned speakers from across the country for the  “Millionairess Getaway Think Tank” a summit that will take place October 11 – 13 in Palm Springs, CA. 

Activities will include laying out financial portfolios, high-tier brainstorming, creating wealth strategy circles, implementing the secrets of the wealthy and learning how to be an overachieving woman without sacrificing a thriving marriage or family.

We interviewed Dr. Tankard about the mind process behind planning for your kids’ future and how Los Angeles moms should approach the idea of reaching financial wealth:

Based on your knowledge in money and investment practices, how often are women, particularly moms, thinking about their kids’ college education?

Based on what I’ve seen, most moms are not thinking about their kids’ college education early enough, nor preparing adequately. Most are living from check to check and focusing on ‘right now’ and bills. They are in survival mode so they aren’t looking down the road to prepare for college. Some don’t focus on education because they don’t see themselves as being able to afford it. The others that do think about it generally only think in terms of their child obtaining a college scholarship or a student loan, not them paying for their child’s tuition.

How would moms, particularly Los Angeles moms benefit from attending the Getaway Think Tank in October?

Moms coming to the Millionairess Getaway Think Tank would benefit significantly from exposure and submersion. These are two things necessary for success. People often think that sitting down with a financial planner or advisor yearly or every other year is enough to suffice. However, when you come out to the paradise-like 39 acre compound for the getaway and experience that level of luxury and beauty, it removes limits from your conscious and subconscious. Being in that environment will automatically put a demand on you to level up and raise the bar personally and also to raise the bar for your children. 

For example, Cyrene, my youngest daughter who is graduating from Howard University May of this year, started studying abroad her sophomore year of high school. As a result, every trip she wants to take is abroad because of the exposure. Attending the getaway will change your views on where you live and where you vacation. It will give you a new view on why you need to be wealthy. As a result of this exposure, business and wealth strategies will run you down as well as the boldness you need to succeed.

Simple words of advice for Los Angeles moms who are experiencing financial difficulty?

First, stop thinking you can’t live the lifestyle you desire. Delete that thought process. Then you absolutely must get around others that believe in you so that you can develop a mindset that success is not an option, but a necessity.

For more information visit www.MillionairessGetaway.Com

Dr. Jewel Tankard (Right) with her daughter.

Dr. Jewel Tankard (Right) with her daughter.

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