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The Single Moms Planet

What does a woman to do when she finds herself recently divorced, with two children, confused about how to redirect her life and frustrated over the situation that got her there?

If you’re Neferteri Plessy, you ride the storm, head on. You channel your post-divorce pain toward a planet-sized cause and make it a life goal to help other single moms.

Plessy is the founder of Los Angeles-based Single Moms Planet.

She created the non-profit organization with the intention of uplifting under-resourced single mothers and their children, right as she struggled coming to terms with her new marital status.

With a background in television and modeling, Plessy marketed her organization and confirmed an issue she had previously researched- that there weren’t many other groups dedicated solely to the support and empowerment of single mothers.

“The Los Angeles single mommy is sexy, resilient and thriving. She is go-getter that knows what she wants and won’t let anyone stand in her way. ”

— Neferteri Plessy, Founder, Single Mom’s Planet

When Single Moms Planet received its tax-exempt status, the outpouring of donor support and interest in membership took the organization from a dream to a popular online destination for single moms all around the world.

“In the five years Single Moms Planet has been in existence, we have built a community of mothers who can…create a culture of empowerment, resiliency, self-preservation and strength,” says Plessy. “Our thriving community of mothers is like a mosaic made up of different races, cultures, professions, socio-economic status and interests,” she says,

On Friday, May 4, the Single Moms Planet organization will host its 5th Annual Awards Luncheon and Festival at the Peninsula Beverly Hills.

Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine, who is serving as a media partner during the festivity, caught up with Plessy this week, days before the big event:



If there’s one lesson you’ve learned through your organization about motherhood and women who are raising children on their own, what would you say that is?

NP: It takes a village… get one. 

Our diversity has helped us to persevere, overcome challenges, and build a foundation that will help Single Moms Planet be a resource for mothers and their children for years to come.


Why is it important for people to support Single Moms Planet? 

NP: Our future is bright and we will continue to endeavor to reach as many moms as we can. Because we want to be of service to moms worldwide, we have built and are continuing to enhance an online platform at which serves as a resource for mothers as well.


What makes Los Angeles a unique place for single moms?

NP: The Los Angeles single mommy is sexy, resilient and thriving. She is go-getter that knows what she wants and won’t let anyone stand in her way. 

In terms of how she’s feeling before the big event, Plessy says: “I have been in prayer and fasting. Letting go and letting God!”


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