UCLA is Looking for Kids Ages 9 -13 for a Study on Youth Anxiety


Free mental health evaluations

Los Angeles Moms with children ages 9 – 13 are encouraged to have their kids participate in a free mental health evaluation that pays $100 and gives them an opportunity to learn about scientific research. 

UCLA DAYS, a landmark study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health was created to better understand the development of anxiety in youth. Specifically, its principal investigators, Dr. Adriana Galvan and Dr. Tara Peris say they intend to understand the development of anxiety in children during the transition into adolescence.

“Anxiety is the most common class of childhood disorders, with 30% of kids and teens suffering from it in the United States. Surprisingly, we know very little about what causes some youth to have anxiety while others don’t, especially as they transition into adolescence,” says Dr. Galvan. “This study will uncover how brain development and daily lifestyle practices can increase or decrease the chances of having an anxiety disorder in kids and teens.”

Qualified participants can earn up to $100 per visit. Families who choose to participate will be asked to repeat both visits annually for the next three years to track adolescent brain development. Participants will be compensated for all follow-up visits.

What to Expect

During the first visit, children will receive a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, answer parent/child questionnaires, play a series of computer tasks and provide a blood and saliva sample.

Kids will also receive a special “sleep watch” called an actigraph to wear at night for one week between their first and second visit. The actigraph will allow researchers to track their sleep habits. 

During their second visit children will complete an fMRI (brain scan) and play another computer game.

“Being a part of science is exciting! By participating in this study, kids and teens can help scientists make major discoveries that can help others. They will also learn what a real neuroscience lab looks like, how we can take pictures of people’s brain without radiation and get a free mental health evaluation!,” says Dr. Galvan.

To see if your children qualify to participate, contact www.UCLADays.com or call (424) 341-3809.

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