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WonderTent party company

By Heather David

Los Angeles is always at the forefront of exciting new trends in the event world. WonderTent Parties is no exception, offering chic sleepover and glamping experiences around LA. In addition to their creative service, they’re also giving back to the community in a heartfelt way.

The founder, Trish Healy came up with the idea for the company after the recent adoption of her 14-year old daughter, Celia.

The Healy Family

The Healy Family

Before becoming part of the Healy family, Celia had been in the LA foster system and had never experienced the quintessential sleepover. Trish was determined to create a magical overnight experience for her new daughter.

“I think we all can remember back to a fun sleepover we had as kids. It’s a coming of age moment really and gives kids a sense of independence,” Trish explains.

The sleepover was a huge success and motivated Trish to leave her corporate job to create WonderTent Parties.

“I was building on a concept that was gaining popularity in my home country of Australia, I put my own twist on it and evolved and expanded the concept with specially curated themes and our GlampIn experience to make this a truly five-star experience.”

Gone are the sleeping bags or couch cushions and in their place they create a communal, shared experience space with each child getting their own handcrafted A-frame WonderTent complete with plush mattress and luxurious bedding and blankets.


In their first year, WonderTent Parties has thrown a variety of bespoke events ranging from cozy campfire themed overnighters to intimate candle light dinners under the stars.

“We love seeing that initial WOW reaction. It’s priceless knowing that we’re helping create a lifelong memory. The pack down the next day is great too as we get to hear all about the amazing experiences,” beams Trish.


While WonderTent Parties is all about dreaming up fun experiences, they also honor their roots. For every party they throw, they donate a portion of their proceeds to Kidsave, an organization that looks to find lasting adult connections and forever families for older foster youth.

“It’s through Kidsave we met our daughter so it’s a nice way to give back. We call it our Good InTent Program.”


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