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Led by a trio of wine industry experts, BNA Wine Group, whose roots span from Nashville to Napa, is captivating wine lovers with its Butternut Varietals, made popular for their decadent taste and affordability.

Butternut Cans.jpg

“I love finding a new vineyard, creating a new blend and then taking it to meet new people,” says Tony Leonardini, winemaker & partner at BNA Wine Group.

Butternut’s exceptionally crafted varietals include Chardonnay, Rosé and Pinot Noir. Most recently, the company launched their popular varietals in cans, making it easier to enjoy the brand’s unique vision, on-the-go.

Butternut wine, including the new Butternut cans can be purchased at Albertson’s, BevMo, Costco, Vons, Whole Foods and World Market.


Here’s what to expect from each varietal:

Butternut Chardonnay.jpg





Aromas of peach, hazelnut and spiced candied apple breeze around the brim. Round, creamy notes of fig, butterscotch and sweet oak dance on the palate. Perfect for pairing and sharing!

Butternut Rosé(1).jpg





Sweet scents of watermelon, citrus and pale florals fill the air. On the palate, an array of strawberry and grapefruit entwine to deliver a crisp, acidic finish.


Butternut Pinot Noir(1).jpg




Pinot Noir

Aromas of vanilla, cassis and menthol lift from the glass. On the palate, an array of red and dark berries meets a medium-bodied, silky finish.




Butternut Wine is a testament to a simple formula that “coaxes the best wine into every bottle” allowing enthusiasts to enjoy great wine that is comfortable and relaxed, with a touch of glam. Butternut is perfect for Los Angeles Moms who deserve a wine worth sharing. #WinesBestShared

Visit www.bnawinegroup.com

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