Here’s How Mirón Energy Drinks Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Spirit!

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Founded to create a healthy alternative to energy drinks, L.A.-Based drink company, Mirón, is focused on erasing the misconception that energy drinks should be reserved for extreme sports and that a product with healthy ingredients can’t be synonymous with good taste.


“They taste great,” says Yosef Shabtay, co-founder of Mirón. “We wanted to make a drink that could inspire and elevate an entrepreneurial spirit without compromising on principles. We couldn’t be prouder [of the result].”

Aside from selling Mirón at accessible pricing, the company’s flavors taste great with only a handful of natural ingredients. Plus, Mirón’s mission goes far beyond pleasing the palate. The company aims at inspiring people to fuel their passion.

“For all the artists, musicians, fashionistas and entrepreneurs out there, burning the midnight oil to truly make a difference in the world, this is for you,” says Shabtay and his partner Avi Nassy.

The team enlisted the help of Joyce Azria (formerly of BCBGeneration) who, with her fashion sense and personal charm, helped position the company’s transparent credo into a fashion-forward brand.

The result? Four flavors in beautifully designed aluminum cans, each labeled to encompass the spirit of a boss: CREATOR Peach-Pear, WANDERLUST Fuji-Apple; TRAILBLAZER Mango-Açai and MUSE Kiwi-Passionfruit.


No artificial flavors, no bizarre chemicals, nothing you can’t pronounce.  The company uses natural caffeine, and all-natural ingredients.

“Say goodbye to weird aftertastes, jitters and subsequent crashes. Miron offers you a line of drinks that lift you up to inspire and create,” says the website.

Think of it as an elevation libation. A vigor brew. A power potion. The possibilities go on and on, just like you.

Mirón Energy Drinks will serve as a sponsor during Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine’s premiere print edition launch party & art exhibit on August 1, offering guests a taste of this unique and uplifting drink.

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