Jana Kramer Announces Pregnancy; Credits Fertility Tracking Bracelet


Pregnancy Attributed to Bracelet’s Fertility Accuracy

Country singer, actress and podcast host Jana Kramer announced she is pregnant with her second child, after struggles with secondary infertility and miscarriage.

Kramer, already a mom to two-year-old daughter Jolie Rae, is due with baby number-two later this fall. The chart-topping singer and former “One Tree Hill” star, who now hosts the “Whine Down with Jana Kramer” podcast, has been public with her heartbreaking efforts to expand her family with husband Mike Caussin after struggling to get pregnant and suffering multiple miscarriages.

“I was overwhelmed with how much positive support I received when I chose to share my difficult experiences trying to add a sibling for Jolie Rae and expand our family,” said Kramer. “It’s so important that we women work together to lift the veil on this ‘silent struggle’ of secondary infertility and support each other.”

Kramer says she decided to try the Ava fertility tracking bracelet with helping her conceive. The Ava bracelet enables users to identify the 5.3-day fertile window in their monthly cycle in real time.

Kramer says that after trying to get pregnant for several months without success: “Ava let me know that the fertile days in my cycle were different from those I had identified before using other fertility tracking methods. Once we followed the Ava data and tried on the ‘right’ days, I got pregnant within the first cycle wearing the bracelet.”

According to Ava Co-Founder Lea von Bidder, Jana is one of more than 10,000 women who have become pregnant using the Ava bracelet since its launch in August 2016.  Ava has also been credited with another celebrity pregnancy, that of “The Bachelor” alum, Jade Tanner Tolbert, who gave birth to baby Emerson last fall.

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