L.A. Mommy Workout Spotlight: The Body Los Angeles


The Body Does Mom’s Body Good!

By Annette Uribe, Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine Fitness Contributor & Founder, Healthy Vida for Mom

Momma, don’t let your belly stop you from your workouts!

I joined Jennifer Glysson, owner of The Body and celebrity trainer Astrid Swan at a special workout class hosted for mommies-to-be. Jennifer has been training women for the past 10 years and Astrid, who is expecting a baby, began her career as an international model at the age of 15.

The class I attended was joined by women from all fitness levels and not all were pregnant. We warmed up by stretching and targeting problem areas as identified by the expectant mommies. Shorty after that, we went into a 12-minute circuit workout that consisted of push-ups, lunges, push presses and leg raises with arm curls. Then we moved on to core and glute-activated workout movements. We finished off with deep stretches to help the lower back, where many women experience discomfort during pregnancy.

All the ladies did great, especially the mommies-to-be. They gave it their best effort and enjoyed themselves. It was encouraging to see the ladies motivating one another to finish. There were many good laughs and smiles throughout the workout.

The Body 2.jpg

The Body is a boutique gym nestled in the heart of Hollywood. It caters to the needs of the nine-to-five working professional, athletes and celebrities. The Body strives to be a place where the human body is repaired and retaught through dynamic and function movements across all planes of motion. You will not find any workout machine here because as the name implies, the only machine you will be using for your workouts is your own body.

Jenn and Astrid educate moms and clarify the misconception that women should stop doing the workouts they love only because they are pregnant. They encourage women to work out during pregnancy so they can be stronger for labor, recover faster after delivery, and most importantly not lose their self-identity because of pregnancy. They also help moms during the postpartum period, especially as they try to get back into the groove once baby arrives.

Both trainers are Pre/ Postnatal certified and understand the body during and after pregnancy.

The two women are currently working on a book that will depict them working out side-by-side as Astrid’s pregnancy emerges. The idea behind their book is to show others that pregnant women can still do the things they did before, in their workout routines.

Every body is unique. A one-size-fits all approach will never help your body reach its full potential. Jenn and Astrid understand that and cater to each client taking an individualized approach by modifying, progressing and regressing each movement.

The Body might be the fit for you!

The Body Los Angeles

6015 Santa Monica Blvd. #201

Los Angeles, CA


Stay Healthy,

-Annette Uribe

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