COSMOPROF North America: Our Favorite Mom-Owned Beauty Products!


 six great mom-created beauty must-haves!


By Frances Marquez, Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine Beauty Contributor & Founder, On Location Glam

A road trip to Las Vegas became the beauty highlight of my summer when Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine got media credentials to attend COSMOPROF North America.

I arrived with tons of enthusiasm, ready to explore unique & one-of-a-kind beauty items for L.A. Moms. And well, COSMOPROF did not disappoint.

I had great conversations with brand founders and brand reps, tried plenty of products and returned home with enough content to provide reviews for the next few months. But…. in the interest of time because, kids (I get it), I’m sharing my top picks based on: a) Mom-owned brands; b) Los Angeles-based products and c) Great stuff in general!

For those of you who may not be familiar, COSMOPROF is the only all encompassing, award winning, business-to-business beauty event in North America whose signature annual convention is THE prime destination for beauty distributors, beauty industry insiders, beauty entrepreneurs, make-up artists and beauty fans. It’s beauty product heaven with extra glitter, shine, gloss and glam.

So let’s get started with Mom-owned brands.

The following beauty products are awesome, innovative and worthy of inclusion in your beauty regimen. They were also created by women who figured out a way to juggle their goal of making others look and feel great while raising little humans… You get it, these products deserve your undivided attention because the Hustle is real.

These are mom-created must-haves. I promise you’ll love them:


1. CO2LIFT by Luminesque



Beauty Without Pain

Imagine a medical grade treatment, created to provide a solution to hydrate and replenish tired, aging skin with no down-time or side effects.

CO2LIFT is exactly that. It’s a product that comes in the form of a tablet that dissolves in water and turns into a face, hair and body cleanser. It also arrives as a face mousse moisturizer. Both provide incredible results of skin elasticity and firmness.

CO2 Lift Treatment Mask, Single Pack, $85.00


2. Pure Hyaluronic Serum by Pestle & Mortar



Restore a Natural Glow

The ultimate multitasker for your skin is this serum delivering intense moisture and hydration to your face for a smoother and younger looking appearance. This smooth concentrate of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E can not only be used as a daily serum but it’s a great makeup primer that will soften lines and restore a natural radiant glow.

Sonia Deasy, founder of Pestle and Mortar and mother of five, comes from a family tradition of natural healing and fused her heritage with modern day technology to bring you this exceptional hydrating serum.

Pure Hyaluronic Serum, 30 ML, $69.00


3. Detox Masque by Marin Bee



For the Queen Bee in all of Us

This Bee-Youtiful pure honey skincare line was created to help support Planet Bee Foundation, a non profit organization that provides hands-on environmental education programs to save bees and protect pollinators. 

The Detox Masque is made up of natural and organic ingredients consisting of one third California Wildflower honey. It’s great for purifying, reducing redness, and minimizing the appearance of pores.

Marin Bee Company Detox Masque, $48.00


4. Freedom- The Natural Deodorant That Really Works



Smell Fresh for Hoursss

An aluminum-free, Paraben-free and Phthalate-free deodorant made only with natural ingredients that you could eat… but don’t. 

Unlike many natural deodorants, this one keeps you smelling fresh and clean after hours of wearing it. It’s natural ingredients like baking soda neutralize odor, while coconut oil soothes the skin. You can choose from several natural and fresh scents – our favorite: Bergamont Mint.

Fredom Natural Deodorant Lavender Citrus Stick, $17.50


5. Shea Butter – Lavender Essential Oil by Miracle 9


100% Organic and great for all ages

Lidiya Gesesse, founder of Miracle 9, was inspired to create her own skincare and haircare line when her 3 year old daughter who was diagnosed with autism was very sensitive to noise, touch, and taste. As Lidiya struggled daily to comb her daughters hair she realized she had to come up with products that would facilitate the process of getting her daughter ready every day.

The Shea Butter Lavender Essential Oil is 100% organic and smells of fresh lavender. All of the ingredients used in this skincare and haircare line are indigenous to the Nile region of Africa. Free of paragons and sulfates, this Shea Butter is a great product for all members of your family. 

Miracle 9 Lavender Infused Shea Butter, $9.91


6. ab Skincare’s Cleanser



Just Keep it Simple!

“When you care about you’re skin, you care about the products you use and the ingredients brands select” said  dermatologist Dr. Patricia Norris, founder of AB Skincare.  Over the years she has found that skin problems improve by simplifying your skin care routine; fewer steps, fewer products, fewer ingredients. 

AB Skincare’s cleanser is a great and simple solution to your daily routine.

ab Skincare Cleanser, $14.99


So there you have them, L.A. Moms– half a dozen amazing skincare products created by fellow mothers. These products listed here are a perfect excuse to do some online shopping, like, right now :).

I can’t wait to share the next set of products I discovered at Cosmoprof NA… I’ll be reviewing a few hand-picked items made in L.A.!

Stay tuned, beautiful women!

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