L.A. Mommy Workout Spotlight: The Running Mamis Offer Good Workouts; No Judgement



Ready. Set. Run, Mami!

By Annette Uribe, Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine Fitness Contributor & Founder, Healthy Vida for Mom

Grab your strollers ladies and put on your running shoes! Head out to the Los Angeles State Historic Park and join the Running Mamis.

I had the privilege of leading these mami runners in their warm-ups before their 2-mile run and later finishing our Sunday morning with a circuit training. The heat was real, but these mamis were unstoppable!

The energy was high and the positive encouragement offered by one another was all that was needed.

Running Mamis is a safe space for returning or new running mamis.

They meet twice a month on weekends with monthly mami wellness workshops at the L.A. State Historic Park.

Raquel Roman, Raquel Zamora, Monica Perez, and Jo Anna Mixpe Ley, all of whom are moms and runners, started the group in April 2018. These ladies decided to start a group where they felt comfortable, where children were welcome if they didn’t have a babysitter, and where they could connect with other mami runners in the community.

Any mami who wants to run, regardless of their experience is encouraged to join. Jogging and walking is allowed, so don’t let the running part discourage you from going.

Babies, infants, and toddlers are also free to join mami in her workout or hangout and play with other children while mami breaks a sweat.

All of Running Mamis’ meet-ups, workshops, and activities are free of charge.

The founders have a lot in store for the Fall, The schedule includes evening runs planned at the Rose Bowl, workshops, Mami Wellness Day, and much more!

Stay tuned and follow @running.mamis on Instagram and join them on their next run.

Mami, if you haven’t found your tribe yet, this group of ladies might be what you are looking for. Running Mamis is a no judgement zone with supportive mamis who have big hearts and there to support one another.

I had a great time with these ladies and am looking forward to many more runs!

Stay Healthy,

Annette Uribe

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